Not all Republicans are excited about Donald Trump’s public meetings – VG

Not all Republicans are excited about Donald Trump's public meetings - VG
TRUMP: Already in January, Donald Trump had his first public meeting of the year.

VG (USA) There has been a storm around Donald Trump even after he lost the election in 2020. He is now starting his well-known public meetings in several states before by-elections.


Former US President Donald Trump recently held new public meetings. It’s his foundation, according to American researcher and expert Hjalmar McGildy.

Public meetings are the foundation of Trump’s political career. His political power largely depends on the direct relationship with fans he maintains through these public gatherings, and Trump certainly still has big political ambitions, says Meldy.

Saturday night (local time), Trump held one of his famous public meetings in Ohio. One of the states he won in 2020.

In good campaign mode, it may seem as if the United States is already in ruins, when Trump spoke to the many supporters present.

The economy has collapsed, and shootings, stabbings, rapes and car thefts have skyrocketed.

He also spoke out against immigration to the United States, not even calling them people:

We no longer have borders, our country is being invaded. Trump said it was an invasion of millions of illegal aliens from around the world and left-wing psychopaths.

Election campaign 2022 and 2024

The goal of the public meetings is to increase support for Republicans ahead of next year’s by-election. But also to collect votes in the upcoming presidential election, says Migilde.

– This is Trump who is partially running the campaign for 2022 and 2024. After all, the Republican candidates for Congress this fall are chosen largely by Trump manually. By all accounts, Mijildy explains, these party colleagues will become important advocates when he runs for re-election again.

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Not invited to public meetings

Party member Trump appeared to show his support in Ohio for congressional candidate J.D. Vance.

This happens 50 days before the by-election.

The New York Times He writes that Donald Trump was not invited by Vance to a public meeting in Ohio.

The same thing happened two weeks ago, when he was in Pennsylvania to meet people and support Mehmet Oz. Nor did he invite Trump there.

The paper writes that some Republicans aren’t too enthusiastic about attending Donald Trump’s public meetings.

Trump’s blitz leadership should simply let them know he’s coming.

– This is also partly political entertainment. Trump rallies remind me of Elton John and the Rolling Stones who still roam and play old songs for a loyal fan base. I think Trump will hold these rallies even after his politics are over, and he’ll enjoy talking about the “Russia Hoax” and other blows, says Meldy.

The ruler does not appear

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was scheduled to attend Trump’s rally. But he did not have the opportunity to do so.

DeWine is busy with a cross-country race, in which three of his grandchildren participate. This happens at the same time as Trump’s public meeting.

Whether DeWine will meet Trump in Ohio, or whether Governor John Hested will attend the rally, DeWine’s campaign has not responded.

to me DeWine hasn’t attended a Trump rally in years.

Another attempt to become a boss

Hilmar McGildy is absolutely confident that Donald Trump will try to become President of the United States again.

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Trump only needs to maintain the support of a third of the primary voter to win the nomination in 2024. And I’m pretty sure Trump has already decided to move forward, says Meldy.

Megildy thinks other Republican candidates are walking in the water, while hoping that Trump will somehow disappear from politics.

Ron DeSantis has slightly better odds, as he’s the only potential rival that Trump has to date, says Meldy.

Florida: Ron DeSantis is one of those who could challenge Trump.

Top Secret Documents Found

Regarding the deadly storming of Congress on January 6, 2021, Donald Trump has come under close scrutiny.

The investigation revealed that Trump had done so Top secret documents at his home in Florida.

Documents must contain information about another country’s military defense and nuclear weapons capability. The country in question is unknown.

It is said that the documents were so secret that the president or two other close government officials could agree to let others know about them.

18 months after he stepped down as president, the documents were still in Trump’s possession.

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