May 29, 2022


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Not April 1st: This Android Phone Has Lightning

It’s April 1st, but we don’t think that’s a joke, even though it’s pretty fun doing the exact opposite to everyone else, completely without goals or meaning.

But Why? because he can

Since only Apple is suspicious of the iPhone’s Lightning connection – everyone wants to switch to USB C, so just bring one type of cable out of the house.

That’s why this hacker game is so funny: Ken Pillonel outfitted the Samsung Galaxy A51 with the old cable standard that was first introduced in 2012 with the iPhone 5.

You remember correctly if you can remember the name Pillonel, because it is the same man who equipped it iPhone with USB Ca mobile phone that was later sold for more than 753,000 crowns.

It is very easy to charge iPhone to Android when they both use Lightning connection.

This was not an easy hack, as the goal was to add support for both charging and data transfer. Therefore, a hardware hacker also had to figure out how he could trick the cable into thinking it was an iPhone, as there are also barriers in Apple cables and associated technology. It was also difficult to make room for the change in the A51.

“I wouldn’t expect any normal person to want to do this with their cell phone. This was just for fun, to see if I could make it happen,” explains Billonel whose timing was really good.

A video explaining how he did it comes in the same channel (where you can also watch AirPods with USB C) where this video is in play: