– Not good – VG

- Not good - VG
New doubles: Lewis Hamilton finished third at the start of the season last weekend, while Max Verstappen did not reach the finish line when the car came to a standstill. Here they are testing pre-season in Bahrain earlier in March. On Sunday, they drive in Saudi Arabia.

Formula 1 commentator Attlee Gulbrandsen doesn’t like the development in the mood among fans of Lewis Hamilton (37) and Max Verstappen (24).


Many experts see the growing interest in Formula 1 as coming with a downside. New fans behave differently. The rivalry and match between Hamilton and Verstappen leads to steep fronts among the fans.

– Formula 1 and motorsports are very exciting. There is no disturbance in the stands. Fans of different drivers can sit next to each other and have a good mood. But with the increased interest we’re seeing an effect, new fans are behaving differently. It is more polarizing. Atle Gulbrandsen, a Formula 1 commentator from Viaplay, says there is a tighter tone among fans.

Who do you cheer for in the Formula 1 circus?

In football, some matches are called “hate matches”, such as Vålerenga against Lillestrøm, Liverpool against Manchester United and the settlements between Celtic and Rangers in Scotland.

Personally, I do not think that development is good. It’s okay with the temperature, says Gulbrandsen, but it can be a reminder for other sports.

There was no duel between Verstappen and Hamilton in the first round of the World Cup. On the other hand, there were violent abuses between Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, by Verstappen’s car stopped and the Dutchman had to break.

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Television images showed Verstappen and Ferrari fans side by side. Gulbrandsen noted during the broadcast that there are beautiful pictures.

In the second race of the season this weekend, Verstappen won ahead of Leclerc.

FORMULA 1 EXPERT: Atle Gulbrandsen in Viaplay.

The cruel exchange of words between Verstappen and Hamilton fans. It reached its climax when the World Cup Finals were decided in the final round last year. Hamilton had everything in his empty hand, until a few laps left and Nicholas Latifi crashed just before the finish. It created a mess of messages from the race director and the safety car and ended up with it Verstappen won and became the world championMen’s Latifi received death threats.

We who commented barely mentioned one of the two names without accusing us of agreeing with them. This is something new for us. We have to explain what’s going on at the track, and if we think one driver is to blame, that doesn’t mean we’re cheering for the other, says Gulbrandsen.

He believes that the way the Netflix series “Drive to Survive” exaggerates and exaggerates the conflicts and rivalries between team leaders Christian Horner (Red Bull), Toto Wolff (Mercedes), Verstappen and Hamilton, and that it stirs up a lot of emotion.

Football in Bahrain: Charles Leclerc (left) beat Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton in his first World Cup race.

Several studies have shown that Verstappen is the most popular driver in Formula 1. He has many young fans. It’s a bit noisy both on and off the field, many like it. While Hamilton is an eccentric man who wears strange clothes. Hamilton is a man with good values, but he could be a very good thing, and he will be about Politically correct, Gulbrandsen tells VG.

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Anna Anderson has written Formula 1 in Swedish Aftonbladet for 20 years. She thinks Horner Wolf should take a lot of the blame for the war of words between fans.

– Wolf and Horner are very difficult in their comments against each other and use words that are completely on the border of what normal conversation allows. The situation did not improve after the controversial end of last season. At the same time, the competition between drivers is very good for the sport. It’s as if reality passed history last year, and it’s clear that Formula 1 is actually so far better than “Drive to Survive”. What more could you want? asks Anderson.

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