– Nothing is said about concert venues – E24

- Nothing is said about concert venues - E24

Changes in Corona’s procedures don’t help much at concert venues like the Vulkan Arena in Oslo, which will not open after yesterday’s press conference.

Morten Goldvik inside the Vulcan Arena in Oslo, when he met the E24 after implementing Corona measures in early December.

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– What happened now has nothing to say about our concert venues. It will remain closed, Morten Goldvik tells E24, after the government eased some coronavirus measures Thursday night.

He is the daily leader of the Skagstind group. The company operates several nightclubs in Oslo, as well as two concert venues, Vulkan Arena and Krøsset.

On Thursday, the government increased the number of guests at indoor public events to 200, but only if there are permanent seats. Concert venues and other venues that have parking spaces only may hold only 30 spectators.

– In Vulkan Arena, we have a capacity of 850 people, but we can only allow 30 people to enter. And financially, it is not possible to arrange a concert at that time. It’s good if the procedures are relaxed a little, but if that were to happen, it would have to be opened up more.

While pubs and bars can reopen in Skagstindgruppen, the Vulkan Arena will continue to be closed.

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happy boy

Although rest doesn’t mean it can fill up concert halls, Thursday’s relief is positive news for nightclubs in the Skagstind to Guldvik range. Among other things, the government allows alcoholic drinks to be served on tables until 11 pm.

– Obviously casting until 11pm will help in some of our places. It’s a positive when the alternative is completely closed, and 23 a.m. is probably a reasonable start, he says.

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Goldvik estimates the changes mean it should operate at 30 to 35 percent of maximum capacity. He’s still excited about how the next few days are going to be in restaurants and bars.

– What I’m excited about is whether people want to go out. It doesn’t help to be open until 23:00 if people don’t come.

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– We’re angry

Heig Strand, Trondheim Lyd’s general manager, is as disappointed with the government now as it was in December, when it felt its downgrade in compensation plans.

And she believes that the easing of Corona measures yesterday will not have any impact on concert organizers, such as Trondheim Led.

Like many in the industry, I say: We’re angry. It is very exciting that in this month of lockdown the government has not been able to investigate this with a limited number of events in a good way. Strand thinks it looks like you’re putting your finger in the air and picking a number.

Hege Strand, general manager of Trondheim Lyd, believes that the government’s number limit would be too simple.

She believes the number constraint with 200 pieces with fixed seats and 30 standing spectators, all with scale and bandage, the organizers can’t live with.

– A small party hall cannot contain 200 pieces with a meter distance. On the contrary, Olavshallen in Trondheim has an area of ​​more than one meter. It should be possible to calculate the number based on the size and the possibility of distance.

Heig Strand has a clear appeal to the government.

Now let the municipalities decide for themselves. They know more about their municipality than the government does.

Important easing of quarantine

In addition to the influx, Guldvik is particularly pleased that the quarantine rules for so-called “other close contacts,” that is, those who are not family members or similarly close, have been changed.

They no longer need to be quarantined, but it is recommended that they be tested on the third and fifth day after close contact.

For the nightlife industry, it’s important that this quarantine is gone now, according to Goldvik.

When there is a lot of infection in the community, it becomes an infection with us and. Without that convenience, we would have risked having to close and reopen almost from day to day, he says.

Hoping to reopen in February

Pouring until 11 p.m., the easing of quarantine and other changes to Corona measures that came on Thursday is in Goldvik’s eyes a “good start,” but he hopes the authorities will dare to release more in the not-too-distant future.

As a concert organizer, I hope this is the beginning of the end, and that they open their doors more next month. Guldvik says if the concert is to be a success, it should open, and the counter should be gone.

If Corona’s passage can help unlock more, Guldvik is positive about it. It is also clear that a long-term plan and fixed dates would help concert planners like themselves.

– The Cup Pub that we can open on Saturdays only to show football on the screens. On the other hand, parties require planning, and then there is a backlog when we don’t know what date we can reopen.

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