“Nothing” mobile revealed for weeks before the official launch

The back hides 900 LEDs.

The light stripes on the back are unique.

Most cell phones come from well-known and large cell phone manufacturers, but the Nothing Phone is unique in terms of manufacturer and features. For months, the company has hinted at what the mobile phone will look like, and said it will finally launch on July 12.

But on Tuesday of this week, the YouTuber got… Marx Brownlee (MKBHD) Claws in copy, shows two new features that a mobile phone can provide.

First of all, the mobile phone has more than 900 individual LED lights on the back, placed in different patterns and shapes that both give an aesthetic boost, but also have quite practical use functions.

Among other things, Brownlee assures that you can receive alerts via these LED lights, and that the LED strip right above the charging port can indicate how much the phone is charged without having to flip the phone over.

It can also light up to give you a soft camera flash effect, all the lines will light up if you get a warning and the circle in the middle will light up if you charge the phone wirelessly (or other phones with reverse charging). In addition, the phone has 10 built-in ringtones, all of which have unique light shows in time with the ringtone.

By the way, nothing calls these fonts “glyphs”, and you can see them all in action Youtube Brownless Video.

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The company behind the phone is called Nothing Technology, and the phone itself is technically called “phone (1)”. Previously, we only saw one more product from the company, which is earplugs None ear (1) that we tested last fall.

As we wrote afterwards, the plugs “…was a lesson in how to make ‘hype’ online, and the phone seems to fall into the same category. Behind the company is former OnePlus founder Carl Pei, as well as a slew of popular investors.

As of now, there is a very exclusive group of YouTubers and celebrities who have scratched the phone, and in the first place, only 100 numbered devices will be created. It’s reasonable to assume that the phone will be more available then, without the company confirming this.

If you want to be one of the owners of 100 Nothing Phone (1) with a numbered phone, you can find a link to buy Via the company page. The phones are being auctioned off, and at the time of writing they cost just under $2,700 – or about NOK 27,000.

Other than that, we know very little about the specifications of the phone, which will be fully revealed on July 12. We know there’s a Snapdragon processor inside, and that it’s running a separate version of Android called “Nothing OS”.

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