Now Agder is red again

Now Agder is red again

The European Infection Control Agency has revised Agder to the red level – as one of the two total Norwegian counties.

Farsund is one of the southern municipalities affected by the recent outbreak.
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Kristiansand: This came from the weekly report from the European Infection Control Agency (ECDC).

Together with Innlandet, Agder has now been modified from the orange level to the red level.

ECDC uses a color scheme to tell something about how bad the infection situation is in a country. The colors are green, orange, red and dark red.

In other words, the infection situation in Agder worsened last week.

The same is the situation in three Danish regions which now have the status of red or dark red.

Outbreak of disease in two towns in Agder: – Serious

Many countries in Europe still have strict requirements for immigrants coming from areas with a lot of infection.

The areas where the condition worsened are as follows, with the previous color in parentheses:

Upgrade to orange:

  • Italy – Liguria (green), Abruzzo (green), Apulia (green), Provincia Autonoma di Trento (green) and Umbria (green).

  • Portugal – Autonomous Region of Madeira (Grunt).

Adjusted to red:

  • Czech Republic – Severozápad (orange) and Severovýchod (orange).

  • Denmark – Southern Denmark (orange) and North Jutland (orange).

  • Greece – Attica (orange) and Cretan (orange).

  • Italy – Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen (Orange).

  • Norway – Inland (orange) and Agder (orange).

  • Polen – Małopolskie (oransje), Śląskie (oransje), Wielkopolskie (oransje), Lubuskie (oransje), Opolskie (oransje) and Świętokrzyskie (oransje).

  • Sweden – Stockholm (orange), east-central Sweden (orange), Småland with islands (orange), southern Sweden (orange), western Sweden (orange), north-central Sweden (orange) and upper Norland (orange).

Upgraded to dark red:

  • Austria – Lower Austria (red), Carinthia (red), Styria (red), Tyrol (red) and Vorarlberg (red).

  • Belgium – Flemish Region (rødt).

  • Czech Republic – Prague (red), Southwest (red), Southeast (red), Central Moravia (red) and Moravia-Silesian (red).

  • Denmark – the capital (red).

  • Germany – Saxony (red) and Thuringia (red).

  • Hungary – Northern Hungary (rødt) and the Southern Great Plain (rødt).

  • Ireland – Northern and Western (red).

  • Netherlands – Friesland (NL) (red), Overijssel (red), Gelderland (red), Flevoland (red), Utrecht (red), Zuid-Holland (red), Zeeland (red) and Limburg (NL) (red).

  • Poland – Podlaskie (red).

  • Slovakia – Western Slovakia (red).

In the following areas, the situation has improved, according to the report submitted to the Early Childhood Development Center:

  • France – Guyana (dark red to red).

  • Spain – País Vasco (red to green), Comunidad Foral de Navarra (orange to green), Aragón (orange to green), Comunidad de Madrid (orange to green), Castilla-La Mancha (orange to green), Cataluña (orange to green) green) Comunitat Valenciana (orange to green), Illes Balears (orange to green) and Región de Murcia (orange to green).

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