Now all the founders have finished with Oda: “I love this company.”

Now all the founders have finished with Oda: “I love this company.”

News about names

CFO Vegard Aakre Vik throws himself into the company he helped found ten years ago: – We created Norway's first unicorn, says the man who thus became the latest entrepreneur to leave what was formerly called

LinkedIn nearly exploded when Vegard Aakre Vik posted a message saying he was stepping down after more than 10 years as co-founder and CFO of Oda. Next Carl Alving Monte Cass The founder has been one of the most important external faces of one of the most talked about Norwegian startups in the new Norwegian startup wave.

According to Schefter's calculations, he will be the last of the ten-strong team of entrepreneurs to surrender at the company that was initially called and then Oda.

“Being at the same company and in the same role for 10 years is something that is quite unique. I love this company and have had an incredibly fun and educational time, but at the same time I felt it was time to pass the baton to someone else,” Ackery Vick commented to Shifter about leaving.

The drama behind Oda's search for money

“Revolutionary Grocery”

In position on LinkedIn He writes about how it was the most rewarding and challenging experience of his career. He reflects on Oda's early days when the goal was to make “an impact on the universe” by revolutionizing the grocery industry.

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In this post, he thanks all colleagues at Oda and Mathem, and encourages those who are now looking for new opportunities to contact him for further communication.

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-There have been many nice phone calls and inquiries. It's great to hear that we've hit such a big mark, Vegard Vik, now outgoing CFO, tells Shifter.

Vacation before new plans

There has been a lot of turmoil at Oda in recent months. The company saw its valuation fall sharply when its global tech venture stalled, and it was forced to undergo a sharp downsizing. Most recently, Briton Chris Budd took over from Carl Alving Monte-Cass, who had to go against his will.

Now Vegard Aakre Viik will have a good, long holiday, after a long time.

– It's been an intense and educational ten years. So I'm looking forward to taking some time off, clearing my head, and thinking long and hard. I haven't been as active as I have been in a lot of time.

– Will it be a sailing trip in the Caribbean or the mountains here in Norway?

– Probably a completely normal Norwegian holiday, with little time abroad and a little bit of Sunnmøre where the wife comes from – Go to the mountains. Just have a nice nice summer.

Phone calls and emails poured in.

– When someone like you resigns, is it likely that there will be some job offers already in the first inquiries?

-If the job offers are not straightforward, many people have a great deal of respect for everything we have achieved. Many people want to have a conversation about the different forms of how what they do can help them. There were phone calls and emails from people I barely knew.

He's reserved when it comes to the next step in his career.

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– I have some ideas about what I want to do next, but it's too early to say what it will be.

– What is the biggest thing you've experienced in Oda?

– To be able to help develop a service that brings everyday life together for thousands of families in Norway and Sweden every week, as well as an exciting workplace for more than 2,000 people.

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