Now comes the free south!

Now comes the free south!

Unlike Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø, Oslo has was not 20 temperatures this year. This now appears to be changing.

– There is great pressure on the road to Norway from the British Isles. Already this weekend we’ll notice a bit more high-pressure ridges piling up over southern Norway, and they’ll build up more next week, says StormGeo meteorologist in action, Ina Ynnesdal.

According to a meteorologist, it is somewhat uncertain how long the high pressure will remain, how large it will be and where it will settle, but good weather will take with it anyway.

– HOPE: According to a meteorologist, next week looks very promising, especially for southern Norway. Photo: Stian Lisberg Solom

– I hope the weather is good

Almost all of southern Norway can expect upwards of 20 degrees next week. Northern Norway can also enjoy more summer weather.

The high pressure we see coming could be very good. So there is good hope for good weather of course. Southern Norway may be the most likely to have the best weather, but that doesn’t mean that Northern Norway doesn’t have good weather. They can only occasionally get a little windy and shower.

Although the weekend looks nice, from Monday onwards during the week is what reminds us of the weather blows in the south.

In southern Norway, the week begins with a stay and a great deal of sunshine. In western Norway there may be a bit of a drag, but it’s nice there too.

Over 20 degrees: Weather forecasts show it could go above 20 degrees in several places in the country next week.  Photo album: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

Over 20 degrees: Weather forecasts show it could go above 20 degrees in several places in the country next week. Photo album: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

You can see the 25

In fact, high pressure can lead to temperatures as high as 25 degrees in some places and some days. See an overview of the entire country at the bottom of the article.

– You’ll see twenties on the grading scale in Oslo, Bergen and many places in southern Norway. In Trondheim and as far north as it gets, it gets a little cooler, but it’s warmer than it has been so far.

In northern Norway, showers were reported this weekend, and some rain is also expected from time to time throughout the next week.

– From Monday onwards, there are still a few showers here and there, but it’s not continuous all day. There will be more weather change in this part of the country.

first summer month

Wednesday showed the first calendar June, meaning the first three months of summer are underway.

According to the NTB, a summer day in the north means the temperature reaches 20 degrees, something that has already been measured on Wednesdays three times this year according to the Tromso weather forecast. This has happened only four times since measurement of the maximum temperature began in 1937.

In early May, TV Two spoke with Vibeke Thyness, a meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, about This year’s summer predictions.

Although she stressed that meteorologists cannot provide weather forecasts in the far future, she said there are several factors they can look at for an indication.

The conclusion was that northern Norway in particular may seem to have to wait longer for a good hot summer this year. In both northern Norway and western Norway, forecasts have shown that there may be some rainfall early in the summer.

On the other hand, in southern and eastern Norway things have indicated slightly better temperatures and drier weather, but the best weather comes in late summer.

And for northern Norway as well, the forecast indicated that summer wouldn’t be full until July and August.

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