Now comes the movie about the life of XXXTentacion – VG

Now comes the movie about the life of XXXTentacion - VG

Controversial rapper killed in 2018, just 20 years old.


The documentary is titled “Look at Me” and premiered this week at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. It writes Eagle.

It will be released on June 10 on Hulu, a streaming service in the United States. In Norway, Hulu’s content is available via Disney +.

The film tells the story of how Florida boy Jahze Onfry broke into rap through Soundclute as a teenager. As XXXTentacion, he became one of the most streamlined artists in the world.

“Look at Me” has been in production since 2017, but has changed the director along the way.


The documentary stars the rapper’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, and her boyfriend, Genesis Sanchez. She was pregnant when Anfroy was killed and gave birth to a son, Kekum, the following year.

Ex-boyfriend Geneva Ayala is also in the picture. When the rapper was killed, he was accused of abusing a neighbor who was pregnant at the time of the abuse and was waiting to be brought to justice. The indictment against the rapper was taken up in October 2016, but he never appeared in court or pleaded guilty before he was killed.

In June, four years ago, he became a 20-year-old rapper Was shot Outside a motorcycle dealer in Florida. Four men have been charged with murder and robbery, but the case is still pending in a U.S. court.

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