Now everyone who can must work. The era of misguided kindness is over.

Now everyone who can must work.  The era of misguided kindness is over.

Tunji Brenna is concerned about the new work culture as it demands the right to a citizen's wage, the right to work at a reduced rate, and for young people who want to invest and save for early retirement.

The National Labor Council meets on Monday and Tuesday. Then they will adopt a statement that represents another compromise with the sew-in-underarm-pad mentality.

– Line of action is a good term. “We demand and we stand,” says Labor Minister and Labor Party deputy leader Tunji Brenna.

During the spring, it submits a report to Parliament containing measures to stem the growing number of disabled young people and increasing poverty among immigrants.

Labor will point out that work is the main priority for both the individual and the welfare state.

– We have to realize the problem: there are too many people out of the labor force, and many of them are young. “We have to take clear steps to get more people into work and reduce the number of people on Social Security,” Brenna says.

Many people who have left working life suffer from psychological problems. But one message remains:

– Many of them told me how important it was to meet an adult who came with expectations, asked the right questions and said “you have to contribute to the activity.” Plus, “We need you,” Brenna says.

– Everyone who can must work

Unemployment among immigrants leads to poverty. This results in children performing worse in school, dropping out of high school and ending up on benefits.

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We have to break those cycles. She says: We have not achieved sufficient success when the proportion of immigrants who are outside the labor force is greater than the proportion of the population in general.

The slogan now is “We must put more people to work.” Everyone must shift their gaze from performance to performance.

We must not give in to the temptation to think that being kind means not making demands. He was misunderstood. A welfare society is built on the idea that each individual contributes according to his ability and receives according to need. Those who need help should get help. To be able to afford it over time, those who can afford to work must be in work, Brenna says.

– Documents stating that they are sick

– Is this a pure invitation to talk from Roodt and SV?

-I think the line of work is correct. Many young people have to put effort into documenting their illness instead of getting help to start working. “I'm pretty sure it has a huge impact when demands are being placed on young people at the same time as we are,” she says.

Former city council leader Rune Gerhardsen came out against “nobility” and the excessive need for aid in 1991. Labor Minister Bjarne Haakon Hansen (AFP) followed suit in 2005.

– Hansen also required social agents to wake up in the morning.

– Have you still not been able to do it?

– In the past 15 years, more young people have received disability benefits and become unemployed. It's exciting. An unemployed person can become active. But we have abandoned those who receive disability benefits too early in life. They get income security, but there is little incentive to get a job and follow-up from Nav practically stops.

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– Work, not just toil

She believes the social debate is changing:

– Now it's very much about making demands, the right to a citizen's wage, the right to work at a reduced rate, and young people who want to invest and save so they can retire early.

-I'm worried about new work cultures. Work is not just about getting a salary. It's about using and mastering your skills and being useful to yourself and society.

– Is the business starting to lose its popularity?

– Work should not be viewed as mere chore and drudgery. The workplace is an important place for self-realization. Being present at work can directly boost health. It is beneficial for your health to be active rather than spending your energy documenting that you cannot be active.

SV: – Not a genius

SV leader Kirsti Bergstowe says the welfare state is not genius, it is security and solidarity.

– Few countries have more people of working age employed than we do in Norway. It is not a solution to create insecurity for sick, tired or unemployed people. “We have to ensure the necessary follow-up, put aside the ethical indicators and deal with reality,” says Bergstowe.

FRP Deputy Leader Hans Andreas Lemme is positive, but states that this is not the first time Ap has come to terms with genius.

– This time I expect concrete measures such as no one under 40 to be considered “permanently disabled.” A major challenge is that a large proportion of immigrants in particular are outside the labor force. Lemme says the government got nowhere when Ukrainians' labor force participation in Norway was less than half of what it is in Denmark.

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