June 10, 2023


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Now Haaland’s biggest match awaits you: – You only need to hit once

Future: Erling Braut thanks Haaland Vinicius Jr. for the match after a 1-1 win at the Santiago Bernabeu last Tuesday. They meet tonight in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final.

MANCHESTER (VG) Here’s legend striker Alan Shearer’s tip to Erling Braut Haaland (22) ahead of the Norwegian’s biggest game of his career.


  • 21:00.: Manchester City – Real Madrid on TV 2 Sport 1 and VG Live

– We all know Haaland was bought as the last piece of the puzzle, to help them lift the Champions League trophy, former former striker Alan Shearer wrote in his column at the athlete.

With 1-1 in the first match between Manchester City and Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals, everything will be decided on May 17 itself at 21:00.

It is Haaland’s biggest game of his career. It is also a game in which he must take revenge for the fact that Antonio Rudiger was virtually neutralized in the first semi-final in Madrid last week.

– He’s drooling at the prospect of a new duel, Shearer thinks.

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Is he drooling for more of this, too?

The former top striker then gives advice to Haaland if he should go after him in the same way now, even though Rudiger was surprisingly benched for the second leg.

The advice may still apply no matter who tries to neutralize the Bryne target device:

Stick to the touchline and see if he follows you there. Push him out and get out of his comfort zone. If he joins you, you make way for others. If he doesn’t, then you understand there is a limit.

He thinks it’s about spreading doubt, and has some encouraging words for Haaland: – You only need to hit once. He has to hit every time.

At the opposite end of the field, Vinicius Junior will once again face Real Madrid magician Kyle Walker. In many ways, these are the games to be played on a Wednesday night.

As two different players, Haaland and Vinicius are different, the Norwegian is the spearhead and the Brazilian is the more creative force.

What they have in common is the ability to create space for others by simply being present. Discount He should Add an extra plan to stop them.

– this is what characterizes the best in history. They make a lot of themselves, but, thanks to that, they become the main focus, and players that have to stop. It offers better chances of winning the battle over time and space, says Peter Weiland, La Liga expert at Fiplay.

Wieland believes that their difference as a type of player makes them two different fruits, but they nonetheless share a special characteristic:

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They both have unique skulls. They still do it a little differently. Wieland believes Haaland can be very playful, while Vinicius has to live up to a certain level of ignition in order to be the best version of himself.

While Kylian Mbappe and Haaland have been marked as heirs MonopolyMonopolyUnlike “monopoly,” “duopoly” is a term derived from economics, and means that there are two opposite parties of the same size — or commodity — offering roughly the same good. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi Now is the time to seriously engage Vinicius in that discussion, says Wieland.

– You can have a trio and a match between the three. Vinicius may be the last in the party, but he is perhaps the most influential at the moment, Wieland says.

Paul Hirst at The Times believes tonight’s match is essentially a final. At the same time, he believes it would be very easy to blame Haaland for winning the championship.

– He has no proof, Hearst claims.