Now is the time to switch

Now is the time to switch

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(Elbil24): Not all countries have the same difference in weather as we have here in Norway, and to keep the windshield clean, there are two types of washer fluid in this country – designed for summer and winter, respectively.

two types

If you filled the tank this summer, there is a good chance that it was the summer washer fluid you purchased. This is just fine for removing pollen, road dust, dead bug remains, and the like, but the freezing point is usually around minus 5 degrees.

During these times, you run the risk that the tank will freeze, and that it won’t drain a drop when you hit the lever on the steering wheel.

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Antifreeze has been added to the winter washer fluid, which means that it can withstand low temperatures. Usually here it is -15 degrees, but you will find exact information about that on the packaging.

If the temperature drops below that, a concentrated washer fluid can be added to give a lower freezing point. Although – at such low temperatures, washer fluid is rarely suitable for use anyway.

It is stupid to use the wrong one

Both types should be used in their respective seasons. Therefore, summer washer fluid is not suitable in winter because it can freeze, and winter washer fluid is not suitable in summer, among other things because the alcohol in it dries up the proteins from insects that have hit the windshield, so that they will struggle to clean the window.

Therefore, a common recommendation is to change the washer fluid when changing wheels for the season. You can do this easily by using what’s left in the tank and filling it with washer fluid suitable for the upcoming season.

Alternatively, you can add a little more concentrated washer fluid if you still have summer washer fluid in the tank. Still, it’s nice to know roughly how much is left in the tank—on a random product we found, for example, the mixing ratio was 1 to 4 for -8 degrees and 1 to 1 for -25 degrees.

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