Now it turns out: – is pretty wet

Now it turns out: – is pretty wet

– StormGeo meteorologist Olav Erikstad tells TV 2 that the high pressure that gave the best weather on May 17 and earlier is moving to the southeast so that its center will not be in southern Scandinavia.

This means that all parts of the country can expect gray and wet days with the famous weather on May 17th.

– It will take some time for some real rain to come, but it will be gradually cloudy, especially in western Norway. Eastern Norway, will be fine for a while.

– Applies to enjoy the week

In short, the meteorologist said that western Norway and southwestern Norway will be cloudy and wet on Wednesday, with gray and wet weather expected in eastern Norway from Friday night.

– Thursday and Friday are the hottest days in eastern Norway at over 20 degrees. But beyond Friday night to next week, it looks very wet in eastern Norway as well. Now that it’s raining, Eriksroot adds:

– So it is important to enjoy the week before.

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In southern and western Norway, on the other hand, it is expected to rain from Wednesday, although temperatures appear to be continuing.

– On the way there it rains, and it first strikes the southwest. So it may rain a little in Sørlandet now, but it’s not a question of large-scale rainfall. In fact, this applies to the whole of Western Norway over the next few days.

– Local heavy rain

The meteorologist warned that although large-scale rainfall was not expected overall, it was likely to rain in some places that could feel like a real storm.

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– There may be heavy rainfall locally, but not as much as we warned. But if it rains exactly where you are, it can rain heavily.

For Møre- and Romsdal, according to meteorologists, the weather seems to be actually slightly milder than in other parts of western Norway. The Trondheim area can also be obtained cheaply.

– There will not be as much rainfall as other places in the region, but there will be slightly more gray weather than there was. Trondheim also seems to be getting rid of this gray and wet weather in the coming days.

From the weekend, on the other hand, there will also be climate change.

– It’s really bad on the weekend and early next week in Trøndelag.

Good news for northern Norway

However, the area that did not run with the weather on May 17 this year, can expect good news from a meteorologist in northern Norway.

– It’s coming back. The weather will be better than you were in this part of the country, away from the low pressure and fringes.

In fact, it’s beautiful days in the north now.

– It is usually hot and quiet and hot and sunny, even if the weather is not good. But there will be short rainy and sunny seasons, and on good days it will be midnight sun north of Tromsø.

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