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Barnehagestreik over

May-Helen Rolfsnes, a mother in Bomlo, says she is relieved the strike is over:

– I am relieved that Oskar can go to kindergarten now and so can the other parents.

Bømlo is a municipality in Sunnhordland A five-week kindergarten has been hit hard by the strike. All kindergartens here are private and large parts of the borough have been affected by the strike.

At nine o’clock on Wednesday morning, the parties announced the end of the kindergarten strike. And then they had They have been sitting out talks since being called into mandatory arbitration on Tuesday.

The workers’ organizations warn that their pension demand, which has been the main cause of the strike, has been approved.

BØMLO-“CHAMPAGNE”: – We lose our jobs and children, so we are very happy that everyday life calls, says May Rita Ersland Fellheim, regional union representative of the union in Bømlo. Here she pops a bottle of non-alcoholic Herljunga cider.

Photo: Olav Rolli / NRK

They agree to this

The solution means employees are inside National Association of Private Kindergartens (PBL) by 1st January at the latest. 2025 Joint Plan will get Affair Pension for Life (AFP). This was the main demand of the trade unions, Fagforbundet writes in a press release.

In addition, the percentage employees pay into their own occupational pension is reduced.

– I’m mostly relaxed. We have been on strike for a long time and we are on strike for the fifth week. We have been mediating for a long time and have been sitting here since 3 pm yesterday. Without sleep and hard work, I’m relaxed and happy, says Trond Eilertsen at Delta.

Party members strike in kindergarten

Overall: The striking parties say they are satisfied with the success of their pension claim.

Photo: Mats Ronning / NRK

Will reopen tomorrow

Staff organizations have warned that the striking workers have returned to work on Thursday.

Anne Green Nilsson, the union’s head of negotiations, says the children will return to kindergarten tomorrow.

– They will be tomorrow, we agreed with PBL. It all starts today, says Nielsen, which means you’ll need to organize a little before welcoming the kids and having a normal day.

Contact press at kindergarten chain Espira, Kjersti Oppen, She says she is relieved.

– We want to open as soon as possible. First, we were relieved that the kindergarten strike was over, he says.

3,600 people organized in Fagforbundet, Delta and Uddanningsforbundet have been on strike since October 15.

About 100 nursery workers in Pomlo are now on strike.  Their celebration took place on Monday.

100 on strike: About 100 nursery school staff are on strike in Pomlo, Westland.

Photo: Olav Rolli / NRK

At home with three children: – peace

Rolfsnes in Bømlo has been living in a one-year-old home with her four-year-old son Oskar and Eilert. Also, their son-in-law Casper, 3.5 years old, was at home with them. She says she is relieved.

– This is a bit serious. We were together a lot, a lot at home. We tried to be with others as much as we could. Fortunately, she says, with so many people at home, it’s good to be with others.

Rolfsnes adds that he is pleased the parties have reached an agreement.

– They have come up with a good solution and I believe the nursery staff will get what they want. That is the most important thing for me, he says.

Bømlo mayor, Sammy Olsen (Sp), says he is looking forward to a normal everyday life.

It is very good for all parties. It is good to hear that the union’s demands have been met. “Then we will enter back to normal life,” he says, adding that there have been many provocative solutions in the Pomlo community in the past month.

The kindergarten strike is over

We Are Home Oscar (4), Kasper (3.5) and Eilert (under one year old) play on the floor at May-Helen Rolfsnes’ home.

Photo: Olav Rolli / NRK

– It was stressful

A joint staff page writes that they are satisfied in a press release.

– It was difficult, but we worked hard and were able to agree on important points that gave us a new collective agreement, which will now be sent to members for a preliminary vote, says Anne Green Nilsson, the union’s head of negotiations. .

– It’s great that we were able to stop the strike. Now the fathers of young children, and mothers and children go to kindergarten. It was profound, says Terje Skivelstad at the Education Association.

On Monday, the parties involved in the kindergarten strike met at the Ombudsman to reach a voluntary settlement. But the negotiations broke down the very next day. The parties thus had to meet again with the Riksmekleren.

May-Helen Rolfsnes was previously employed by NRK.

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