May 28, 2022


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Now portable cameras are even more precise: they let in twice as much light

Now portable cameras are even more precise: they let in twice as much light

Sony’s camera sensors are used in many mobile phones, including those in Apple, which you want to control greatly on chips that deal with wireless communications. In the future, do they want to compete with Sony, among other things, designing their own camera sensors?

Sony’s CMOS technology builds layer upon layer technology

No matter what Apple may choose to do in the future, Sony is a leader in this field now. The company says the CMOS image sensor is the first in which the technology is stacked on top of each other.

Photo diodes are responsible for converting light into electrical signals, while pixel transistors are concerned with controlling the signals.

The big hack is that these two parts are applied in every team:

iPhone 14 or 15?

“Where the photodiodes and pixel transistors of conventional CMOS image sensors are located on the same surface, Sony’s technology separates the phototransistors and pixel transistors on different layers. The new architecture more or less doubles the saturation signal relative to conventional image sensors, increases dynamic range and eliminates noise, thus Significantly increases image quality.

Sony says it will develop the technology further, so it is uncertain whether this will appear in the iPhone 14, or whether we will have to wait for the 15th generation.

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