Now, Tesla has set a crazy speed record

Now, Tesla has set a crazy speed record

In the United States, a completely new generation of the Tesla Model S was launched a while ago. The top model, the Model S Plaid, is one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world. Regardless of the driving line. He sprints from 0-100 km/h in about two seconds. Then we begin to approach the maximum of what is feasible for a full-fledged family car, which he talks about after all.

Tesla has also come out and said it should be able to reach a top speed of over 320 km/h (200 mph).

But so far, Tesla has not opened up about this possibility in its cars. However, a Canadian tuning company…

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Want speed!

Tesla chose to block out the possibility of such a top speed, claiming they wanted to get specially conditioned tires and brakes in place first.

But tuning specialist Ingenext has now “hacked” the car, opening the door to this possibility. It is basically a software update.

They took the car – which was also outfitted with new Michelin Pilot Sport tires and brakes from Mountain Pass Performance – to Trois-Rivieres Airport in Quebec – and gave full throttle.

Those who bought this car a few years ago did something smart

Video from the drive shows that the car appears to have more to go, when the driver left gasoline at a speed of about 350 km/h.

Approximately 350 km/h

According to the American Eltrec website, Ingenext managed to reach an insane 346 km / h. There was no indication that the car had more to go on, when the driver took his foot off the accelerator pedal.

Here you can watch the drive clip for yourself

For its part, Tesla recently released a software update that increased the top speed from 260 to 280 km/h, he writes. Carscops.

They also made it possible to deliver the car with ceramic brakes.

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Record setting

There is no doubt that a lot has happened in his short time with Tesla. It hasn’t been more than four years since Musk himself took a sleeping bag and slept next to an assembly line, while his employees fought the clock to solve problems.

If we move to the first quarter of this year, the situation is completely different. Model 3 production has been on the right track for a long time. The Model Y has arrived and is a huge hit. And the numbers Tesla now offers are impressive.

In the first quarter of this year, they set a record for revenue and profits – and the number of cars produced.

This car started the Tesla adventure


Tesla ended up with a solid profit of 31.6 billion crowns. This is the best quarterly result in the company’s history. They produced and delivered 310,048 cars during this period. That’s a massive 68 percent increase, compared to the same quarter last year.

Here in Norway, Tesla comfortably outperforms everyone else after the first half of the year – on track to become Norway’s best-selling car brand. Just as they were last year.

It is the new Model Y that pulls the burden off in Norway.

Now that we have access to the new Model S and X, Tesla is very reluctant to report it.

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From a crisis to a billion profit – the evolution was for Tesla

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