May 29, 2023


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Now the 'blue screen of death' is turning blue - again

Now the ‘blue screen of death’ is turning blue – again

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Windows 11 still has a long list of childhood illnesses and bugs, so the list of what was fixed in each update is correspondingly long.

I’m listening to Building 22000,346 However, we found something interesting:

The “blue screen of death” (also known as “BSoD”) is back!

It hasn’t really gone away, but it has been black since the summer of 2021, when Microsoft according to the edge Changed the color to make it more similar to other system screens in Windows 11.

However, the information it gives when the computer snores amazingly has been the same for some time. A sad smile was added in 2008, and in 2016 QR codes appeared on it, but other information has not changed significantly.

rainbow bug

Although blue is the most common color, and most people are familiar with it, there are others:

  • The “Red Screen of Death” can occur when your graphics card has problems with Windows, or vice versa. This is known from Windows 98 and Windows Vista, but it can also happen in other versions.
  • The “brown screen of death” may appear in similar cases.
  • “Gray Screen of Death” appeared on Microsoft Surface devices running Windows 8.1 RT, from May 2015 onwards.
  • In 2016, Windows 10 received the label «green screen of death, but only for users who have participated in the Inside Program.
  • Other systems, devices, and versions may have similar error screens in yellow, white, purple, and many others, but they are less well known than the legendary BSoD.
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BSoD was an early part of Windows, in fact from early on Windows NT 3.1 i 1993, but it was better known than the operating systems that crashed the most. For example, Windows 95, Windows Me and windows Vista, to name the most notorious.

On Reddit, there are a bunch of people who find it fun to post BSoD . pictures on units throughout the community.