Now the frost comes – the meteorologist has clear advice

Now the frost comes – the meteorologist has clear advice

After September with so many hot periods, it is now just a matter of being prepared for the vagaries of the weather. This week you can risk meeting in a lot of different weather when you walk out the door.

– It will be classic fall weather. You should take out both your fleece and rainwear, and maybe a bubble jacket, says meteorologist at work Ina Ynnesdal at Storm.

North wind on the way

Ynnesdal can say that the northernmost counties can expect cooler temperatures throughout the week. It will definitely be minus degrees, and snow will likely also fall.

To the south, there will be some mild weather in the next few days, before the north winds blow, the cold weather is also there, especially on the weekend.

– On Thursday, you should be aware of the strong north winds blowing across the country. It’s going to be a north wind for all the money, says Ynesdale.

Beware of slippery roads

Ynnesdal also says you should now think twice before you go into the mountains with summer tires.

It’s the time of year when you can be a little surprised by the temperature, especially if you’re coming from the coast and inland, she says.

Admittedly, the fall holidays are over for the vast majority, but also in places other than the high mountains, you can benefit from being a little more attentive.

– In Bergen it was frosty last night, so you have to be a little awake in the lowlands too, especially in the morning twig.

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a lot of rain

Monday morning This led to an increase in electricity prices In southeast and southwest Norway, partly due to the cold, dry weather. However, that can change quickly.

On Tuesday, large parts of southern Norway will rain. It will mostly be in western Norway, but also eastern Norway, says Ynesdale.

You think precipitation in the south will mostly come in the form of rain, as well as on the rise. Among other things, western Norway can receive between 40 and 60 mm of rain per day on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In northern Norway, with the exception of the southern part of Nordland, on the other hand, precipitation may fall in the form of snow.

The snow will probably stay for a few days, but it will go away when the temperature rises again, she says.

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