Now the important update to iOS 18 is here

Now the important update to iOS 18 is here

If you have a developer account with Apple, you can download the second round of beta that Apple promised last week.

Public beta testing has not yet begun

Now Apple has spoken to The Verge, and while explaining from their perspective what's going on, they've revealed that the second beta round will indeed begin on Monday — albeit not with the AI ​​platform (beta testing begins later this summer), but at least… iPhone display on Mac and improved SharePlay screen sharing These are also functions that will not be coming to the EU region this year, but hopefully they will come to Norway.”

These are important updates for iPhone and Mac, as this is the update that adds support for iPhone mirroring in macOS Sequoia as well as SharePlay screen sharing on iPad.

VisionOS 2, watchOS 11, and iPadOS 18 were also launched in the second beta round. The latter, among other things, with the support of alternative app stores that they started with on the iPhone. The European Union recently decided that iPadOS is also affected by DMA legislation:

“This means that iPadOS should offer users alternative app stores for residents of the 27 member countries. We also expect that this will mean users will get a choice of browser on startup, and that third-party browsers can use their own engine to draw and display web pages,” it said. We reported in late April.

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