Now the rains are about to come:- again it is necessary to find the shedders

Now the rains are about to come:- again it is necessary to find the shedders
Joy: On New Year’s Day, many parts of the country had very slippery conditions. Here at Fornebu.

If you haven’t cleared the snow from your driveway yet, you’ll need to get up early on Saturday morning. Because now it’s raining.

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– The light snow will disappear completely tomorrow (Saturday), says meteorologist Martin Granrod on duty at the Met Office.

The last remaining ones will arrive on Saturday night.

– If you are going to impose, you must leave tonight, he said when VG spoke to him on Friday evening.

On Saturday, it will rain in eastern Norway and southern Norway.

Only the mountains and valleys have regular snowfall.

In central Norway and further north, not much snow can be expected in the next few days.

– Tonight, a new low pressure will arrive, bringing light winds to most of southern Norway and eastern Norway. That means plus degrees, snow and icy conditions, Granrod says, adding:

– It’s just a matter of finding the sticks again.

Such was the case on Friday. Chaos on the roads

In the middle: Friday evening, a change to milder weather will lead to icing and rain, which will freeze the ground in some parts of Aktor.

Emergency staff due to weather

The meteorologist warns that it will be as bright as glass, with the ice that settled before the snowfall in the past days and the rain now freezing on the ground.

It has been snowing for the past two days Traffic chaos in southeast Norway. Cars and buses slide off the road and litter the roads, snow removal trucks run shuttles unable to remove the amount of snow.

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Trains stopped and blocked the road and trams could not pass wrongly parked cars covered in snow in the capital. Trains stopped and tow trucks struggled to get through everyone who had to be pulled up from ditches and slopes.

On Friday evening, the municipality of Larvik announced on its website that it was deploying emergency staff due to the weather.

Wetness: When it rains, many places become muddy. But the primary caveat is that it is slippery.

Rarely much snow

And then the snowfall for the last couple of days was not normal. At least not for the people of Oslo.

Since measurements began in 1939, so much snow has fallen in a few hours only a handful of times in ten years. The last time was two years ago, on a March day in 2021.

– Meteorologist says 20 cm of snow fell in one day in Blindern.

Snow blowers: Sporween employees prepare bus stops overnight Jan. 5 to prevent public transportation from being shut down. Here they use a snowblower to remove snow from the path between Majorstuen and Frognerseteren.

Lots of wind

On Friday, flights bound for Trondheim had to return to Oslo due to strong winds.

Winds in central Norway are 27-30 meters per second. Winds will be light at Trendelagh through Saturday night and into the morning hours, but will shift northerly.

NVE has warned of strong winds in Nordland until Saturday evening and Troms and Finnmark until Sunday evening.

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You have to hold tight. We’re talking 30 second meters in the throw.

Nordland can expect plus degrees, while winters in Trams and Finnmark are on the minus side.

Here’s the situation on the mountain passes in southern Norway at 11pm on Friday:

confusion or stupidity

Snow is chaos for some and magic for others.

– The meteorologist recommends that those who want to ski on østafjell leave early on Saturday morning.

Because now the snow is heavy and wet. Brown in urban areas, crusty and icy in fields. Also as water in coastal areas. reported that on Saturday, the coastal areas of Aktor and Rogaland are under a yellow level flood warning.

A flood risk at yellow level has also been sent to parts of eastern Norway.

Hazard Risk: With the change in weather, the risk of snow and ice falling from roofs also increases.

Localized flooding and storm water from snowmelt above 600m above sea level and rains from flooding roads, blocked drains, culverts and other blocked waterways. As a result, densely built-up areas are closed and local flooding of streams and rivers can occur.

But mild weather can have its advantage. For all those who are afraid of the neck of the thigh:

– Granrod says the snow will disappear little by little.

Because at this time it will not freeze immediately, the meteorologist believes.

– Moderate weather will likely last through the weekend and into next week.

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