Now the US is getting 5Gbps of fiber – here’s what Telenor and Telia say

Now the US is getting 5Gbps of fiber - here's what Telenor and Telia say

AT&T is expanding its fiber offerings in the United States after a prolonged sector stagnation.

2 Gbps and 5 Gbps in Norwegian homes in a few years?

It is customary to offer 500 and 1 Gbps of fiber in Norway, and it has also been the standard abroad. Only Teia, at least one of the large companies we surveyed, offers more than 1 Gbps, but it’s not much more: 1250 Gbps.

AT&T will offer 2 Gbps for $110 per month and 5 Gbps for $180 per month, without local taxes and fees. The show is being rolled out widely: in more than 70 large US cities.

Telia says they are conducting ‘ongoing evaluations’, Telenor awaits cheaper equipment

We asked Telia, Telenor and Altibox if they had considered the idea of ​​increasing supply in their fiber products. Here’s what they answered (Altibox hasn’t answered yet). It is interesting what Telenor states that upgraded equipment is required for these speeds, and that they are waiting for prices to drop.

Do you feel the need for more than 1Gbps, if you have that much at all, or maybe you don’t mind the idea of ​​cabling your entire home?


At Telia, we are constantly working to provide our customers with the best and fastest broadband experiences, and today we have one of the fastest broadband products on the market with our 1250Mbit/s product on hybrid fibres.

We believe that our customers today are receiving speeds that are good enough to adapt to different usage needs, but we are conducting ongoing evaluations in this area.

Daniel Barhum, Information Manager, Telia Norway


Currently the highest Telenor product is 1 Gbit/s in the private market. In the corporate market, we can offer up to 100 Gbit / s. As of today, we are not asking for higher speeds. We are following the market closely and will consider faster speeds when the market demands it. Upgrading speeds above 1 Gbit/s for private customers will require us to change equipment in customers’ homes. This is relatively more expensive than today’s customer equipment. We expect the price of this equipment to fall within a few years when the volume of production increases.

Magnus Line, Chief Information Officer, Telenor

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