Now they go straight to BMW’s throat

Now they go straight to BMW’s throat

Nio was founded in Norway in 2021 – with its head office in Karl Johan, Oslo. Their first model was the large SUV ES8.

Now they had two new models in place: the ET7 sedan came first – and then the EL7 SUV.

The latter has a number of good selling points on paper: it is almost five meters long, has 653 (!) HP, a large luggage compartment of 658 liters and a good range.

It simply fits and could become a serious competitor to the very popular BMW iX.

bet differently

Nio bets differently from all the other brands on the market.

They are the only ones that have battery exchange stations, which allow you to replace a dead battery with a full one in a few minutes.

In addition, they rent their own battery packs. You can buy the car without a battery – and “rent” the one you think will suit you.

From the start, there are two sets of batteries: 75 (range 491 km) and 100 kWh. The latter gives a range of 509 kilometers.

Nio ET7 first test: It could be a new Tesla

LUXURY: Nio has managed to make the interior both luxurious and user-friendly.

the prices

The vast majority of Norwegian customers choose to rent the battery pack. Then the car is priced at NOK 696,900. Price for renting battery packs:

75 kW: NOK 1300 per month

100 kW: NOK 2,000 per month

Ultimately, this will also be possible with a 150 kWh battery. Then the range increases to about 1000 km.

We drove the Nio ET7. Here are our first impressions

Spacious: There's plenty of space here, the floor is flat and note that the rear seats are electrically adjustable.

Spacious: There’s plenty of space here, the floor is flat and note that the rear seats are electrically adjustable.

early meeting

We had a rather unusual and quick encounter with the cars in Golsfjellet – driving them on an icy track.

Although it obviously doesn’t give us the chance to test properly, we at least get a first impression.

The EL7 and ET7 convince here. It’s safe and predictable on smooth surfaces, even with over 600 horsepower.

ESP steps in and ensures you don’t sail – but you have good control. The system cannot be turned off – and it will be interesting to try it out. But in everyday life, this, of course, is not relevant.

Watch more in the video at the top of this article.

These can become annoying to competitors

Lots of ticks

In addition to the large luggage space, you also get a hitch – it allows you to tow up to 2 tons.

Overall, the newcomer has a very attractive overall package on paper.

We’ll be back with a more thorough test of the car once we’ve driven it more on a regular road.

Watch our snowboard meeting at the top of this article.

Video: Tom and Stian are the first to try this in Europe:

Five Norwegians are allowed to buy – now the door is wide open for two more …

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