– Now this diamond is gone forever – VG

- Now this diamond is gone forever - VG
Personal farewell: For the Kjersti Holmen family, the ceremony in church will be a personal farewell to dear mother and mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, aunt, family member and friend, the funeral home writes in a press release.

Many have come to Frogner Church in Oslo to say their last goodbyes to Kjersti Holmen, who died the night before Sunday 26 September. Holmen was 65 years old.


The famous actor died in Okerengmt in Oslo. She was then ill for a long time, and slept peacefully, according to her NRK.

Reverend John Eagle Rowe told attendees at Frogner Church in Oslo that there was a lot of love and affection in Kjersti Holmen’s life.

– Kjersti wasn’t a self-aware singer, in fact she was a humble actress who didn’t fully understand the great interest in her surroundings. Now that diamond is gone forever, says Rowe.

On her way to Frogner Church, Eileen Horn told VG that this day must come.

Kjersti has been ill for ten years and now deserves to drop out, says Horn, who was not only a good friend of Holmen, but also her boss when she was theater director at the National Theatre. In this capacity, she also performed a memorial service in the church.

– You were a star yourself

– She became a favorite of the audience in film and television. Who doesn’t remember Eileen Horne from “Red Snow” and “Orion’s Belt”. But she added that the most important thing for Kjersty is to become a mother, and that she adores her children.

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For Holmen’s 50th birthday, her friends came to wake her up in the early hours of February. They stood outside and sang “Weekend Night” with a shooting star in their hands.

– Dear Kjersti, you have been a star yourself. We’ll always be around and sing to you forever, Horn concluded.

Among the many who have come to show Holman the last honor, there is also her close friend Jory Shank who came to church with Elizabeth (Petan) Andreessen.

“It’s a sad day, and it’s nice to honor her,” says Shanky, who followed as Gersty Holman all the way.

– We’re going to celebrate Kirsty and her life today. Her journey from life is now over, says actor Per Christian Elfsen.

Outside the church was also Sven Norden.

– It’s a sad day for Kultur-Norge. Kjersti was alone. Nobody is on top, and nobody is next to him, Norden says.

Actress Kim Haugen came with his wife Nadia Hasnawi.

– This is a very sad day. Haugen says it’s easy to say nice things about people who died, but Kjersti was pretty cool.

Among those present was actor Helge Gordahl.

– That’s too awful. She had everything she could do. It’s so good for me to be here today to be able to honor her, Gordahl tells VG.

Lise Fjeldstad believes the Kjersti Holmen actresses will live on in the memories of everyone who has experienced them on stage.

– Kjersti no longer lives, but the characters she made will live long in us.

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– She was one of our most talented. An extraordinary talent, says actress Ingar Helge Gemmel.

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In a press release sent last week, Jølstad funeral home general manager Jan Willy Løken wrote:

“For the family of Kgersty Holmen, the celebration in church will be a personal farewell to dear mother and mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, aunt, family member, and friend. Kjersti Holmen lived the latter part of her life for health reasons, far from the public eye. The family also does not want any exposure to her in connection with the ceremony, so that it can take place in her spirit.”

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