– Now we get a new deadly blow – VG

- Now we get a new deadly blow - VG
Shattered: Trin Ren says she’ll face a staggering deficit if new restrictions are imposed, but she insists she’ll do the Christmas tour anyway.

Train Ryan believes that the fact that the government imposes a number of restrictions on events is another fatal blow. Organizing veteran Tor Arne Ranghus risks turning down the thousands who have bought tickets.


The government on Thursday came up with several new national and regional measures. background is The outbreak of an omicron variant in Norway.

Among other things, there will be a requirement to limit the number of indoor events without fixed assigned seats up to 600 (in groups of 200).

Does this mean that you can perform larger concerts with fixed assigned seats without restrictions?

– That means it. That didn’t quite come out during the press conference, Bjørn Guldvog tells VG.

There is no permanent arrangement for the designated places. Concerts where you’ve played after that with fixed custom seats will not be affected by this.

This means that many of this year’s Christmas parties and events can go on as usual.

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Ahead of the press conference, Train Ryan said it would be a “knockout” if new restrictions were imposed.

– We’ve been down since March 12 last year and now we’re taking another knockout blow. But I would lose more money by canceling, so it wouldn’t be relevant. I want everyone to get paid – musicians, crew, churches, hotels, gas stations, everyone! But that’s clearly beyond cash in my company, because there’s an astonishing shortfall, says Trine Ryan, who started her Christmas tour a little over a week ago and it’s tonight in Frosta.

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“I don’t know what I would have done had it not been for the support I received last year, but next year I don’t know if I could go on the Christmas Tour again,” she says.

Rin is happy to remind you that going to a concert is no more dangerous than going to the store.

– But people are afraid of infection, we notice it ourselves. In some places, 20 percent of those who bought tickets don’t show up. And when politicians ask you to stay home and the media continually write about the risk of infection and restrictions, it creates a “perfect storm” – not least when there are too many in the Christmas tour market than there is room for the most recently postponed tours of the year for this year, as Says.

Organizer: Tor Arne Rangos.

Tor Arne Ranghus is the man behind Taran AS, who these days fills Chateau Neuf in Oslo night after night with shows like ‘West Side Story’, ‘Pippi Celebrates Christmas’ and a concert with Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen.

Rangus also arranges the Christmas “Silent Night, Holy Night” Christmas tour with names such as Alexander Ryback, Maria Hokas Mittet and Ron Larsen. He also has a Christmas tour with Jørn Hoel, Wenche Myhre, and Emil Solli-Tangen.

– Chateau Neuf has 1005 permanent seats, so if the government puts a limit on 600, we hope we can. But that means we have to turn down several hundred per offer, he tells VG.

– The Christmas Tour is sold out, so you’ll have problems too. We’ve been to Sørlandet, and now it’s Østlandet’s turn, he says.

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– That was what happened last year, too. He adds that it has a violent multiplier effect.

– What do you think about the fact that the government may impose restrictions on the number of guests?

Since the virus has spread to such a large extent, I have some understanding. But a covid pass would have made it easier, because then you can go and scan in the queue, Ranghus thinks.

– We are losing in this matter, so we expect compensation from the government if this becomes the case, he said.

Ranghus says that everyone who has bought tickets, and who may not be allowed to attend, should take care of the new implementation tickets, or refund them.

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Compensation Scheme Expanded

Not many tickets have been sold for shows and concerts that will take place around Christmas only. Taran will also establish the Jersey Boys program at the end of January.

— So we’re excited about how long that will apply in this case, says Rangus.

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Tor Arne Ranghus of Taran says he doesn’t yet know how any restrictions might affect the definition of church benches as non-fixed benches, as was the case last year.

– I wish we had gotten past it, it was so ridiculous. Among other things, this meant that we – due to local restrictions – had to play for ten people at Bragernes Church in Drammen, which was originally 850.

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Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Widom told the government’s press conference on Thursday afternoon that the Cultural Life Compensation Scheme will now be extended until June 2022.

A bad consolation, but at least something on a dark day, says general manager Ton Osterdal at Norwegian Party Planners.

The Minister of Culture will meet with the Culture Sector on Friday

– I know that the current situation of infection creates uncertainty for many in the sector of culture, volunteerism and sports. Therefore, we are now continuing our Corona support schemes until the summer of 2022, says Minister for Culture and Gender Equality Annette Trettbergstoen.

Culture, volunteerism and sports have had special arrangements throughout the pandemic. On Friday, you will meet with the cultural sector to hear more about their needs in the future.

– I will then look at whether we need to adjust the facility to the blueprints in 2022, if there is a need. The minister added: We will continue to pay attention to the sectors as long as there is a need.

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