Now we have an almost complete picture of iOS 18

Now we have an almost complete picture of iOS 18

Just over a week ago, Mark Gurman revealed a number of new AI functions coming to iPhone, iPad, and Mac this fall. Now it once again confirms much of the same, including Apple's collaboration with OpenAI, but it also details new things about how to make iOS more personal, which is a major flaw in the company's mobile operating system compared to Android.

This is how the iPhone will become an AI smartphone this fall

  • Conversations with Siri just got more natural, including improved Siri on Apple Watch
  • Apple's “proactive intelligence” is supposed to help users throughout the day – it includes an automatic summation of notifications on the iPhone
  • News article summaries and text-to-speech in Notes
  • Auto-complete calendar entries
  • Recommend applications
  • AI-based image editing in Apple Photos (seems to be no more advanced than Adobe Photoshop in the latest version)
  • Improve lights
  • Suggestions for answers in emails and messages

“You can see what's missing: a ChatGPT chatbot. And Siri certainly won't be advanced enough, this time either, to fill that role, according to Gorman. So, Apple and OpenAI will officially unveil a closer collaboration at WWDC on June 10. That won't “Surprise for those of you who noticed that the company released a ChatGPT app for Mac before Windows,” we reported on May 20. This is exactly what Gorman confirms again, but there is more. Among other things, the AI ​​functions will be marked as experimental, at least during the trial period from June 10 to September. Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 series on September 12.

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Along with reiterating that Apple is unlikely to offer AI features that its competitors no longer offer, and that Apple will combine local processing (most features that require local computing power will be supported by the iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices launched in the months The past 12), more or less), and an Apple journalist reveals that their “Project Greymatter” is a set of AI tools that will be integrated into the company's core apps, including Safari, Photos, and Notes — plus, hopefully, notifications. better:

“A big part of the work Apple has done is creating smart summaries. The technology will be able to provide users with summaries of missed alerts and individual text messages, as well as websites, news articles, documents, notes and other forms of media.”

There won't be an Apple chatbot, at least not this year

It was also the home screen in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 that we already confirmed Gurman would allow the user to place app icons anywhere they want on the home screen. It is now revealed that you will also be able to change the colors of the app icons, and in this way, if you wish, set apps in the same category in blue and social apps in yellow or whatever you like.

What Gorman highlights as a key feature innovation is that the AI ​​system will be able to generate emojis based on what you type, i.e. an endless stream of emojis outside of those listed.

As mentioned earlier, Apple's chatbot has not yet been released, and the company will have to communicate how it defends AI functionality along with privacy, which the company has marketed as an advantage over Android. Gorman believes Apple will point out that, unlike Google and Meta, it does not create customer profiles.

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There are some iOS 18 features we don't need to speculate about in terms of accessibility features, including the ability to control the iPhone and iPad with your eyes.

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