Now we know more about the interior of the Volvo EX90

Now we know more about the interior of the Volvo EX90

November 9 is a very important day for Volvo. Then they will be showing off the all-new EX90 for the first time.

This will be the electric successor to today’s hugely successful Volvo XC90. The EX90 is also the first car on an entirely new platform and the first Volvo to be built as an electric car from scratch. Today’s XC40/C40 is built on a platform that is also used in other powertrains.

The EX90 comes with a number of innovative safety solutions, such as an artificial intelligence system to understand the driver and an extensive network of external sensors, as well as two-way charging options.

Trees from Sweden and Finland

Now Volvo has just released the first details of the interior, promising to rethink the car’s interior.

The interior of the EX90 is built based on the company’s developed and progressive material called Nordico, which has a distinctly Scandinavian design.

Nordico is made from leather-free textiles based on recycled PET bottles. The car’s wood panels are made of certified wood from sustainable forests in Sweden and Finland. It comes with elegant backlighting that creates a pleasant atmosphere, which, according to Volvo, is “inspired by Scandinavian wildlife.”

C40 is the first Volvo car that is only an electric car

Volvo uses a lot of wood in its most exclusive cars, and this is from today’s V90.

A new approach to well-being

In addition, the Volvo EX90 will be launched with wool-blend seat covers, which have been certified to stringent sustainability standards for animal and environmental care. We’ve seen wool fabric seats on many exclusive cars in recent years.

– We chose materials based on our values. With these choices, we are abandoning an old and outdated approach to luxury in automobiles, while at the same time articulating our Scandinavian heritage. In the Volvo EX90, the well-being and convenience of the customer was the starting point for the interior design, says Cecilia Stark, Senior Director of Design at Volvo Cars, in a press release.

Here we get our first taste of the future of Volvo

Volvo uses a special blend of wool in the seat covers of the XC90 today as well.

Volvo uses a special blend of wool in the seat covers of the XC90 today as well.

Several different “rooms”

EX90 contains a lot of recycled plastic, to reduce the use of natural resources. In addition to recycled PET bottles, the car is made of about 50 kilograms of recycled plastic and biomaterials. The rug is made partly from recycled polyamide.

Thus, the EX90 contains the largest amount of non-primary and recycled materials among all Volvo models.

Since the launch, customers can choose from several different “rooms” that match the interior décor and seat covers with the exterior colours. More rooms with different themes will be released over time.

It should go further and charge faster – without costing the owners anything

Here are small interior details of the upcoming EX90.

Here are small interior details of the upcoming EX90.

Scandinavian lifestyle

The room themes are specially designed by the interior designers at Volvo. It must be inspired by different aspects of Nordic lifestyle and nature.

The expression and interior design of the Volvo EX90 continues decades of development and innovation. For us, indoor installation is a learning process that happens over time, based on customer feedback, our own innovation, and access to new, sustainable materials, says Stark.

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