Now you can ask Google to delete “everything” about you

Now you can ask Google to delete “everything” about you

It has been many years since Google opened its doors that individuals can apply to have certain data about themselves hidden from their search service.

Now the search giant is expanding the scheme by giving you the opportunity to apply for hidden information such as email address, phone number, physical address or passwords and usernames leaked from their search results.

Found Google application form here.

The Google Write They allow further deletion because they realize that publishing such information against their will “can be shocking” for some, as well as the fact that in the worst case it can pose a security risk for some.

The company urges anyone who wants personal information outside of their search results to always submit a request to the site that posted it first. Google indicates that only the owner of these web pages can remove information from the Internet, while they can only hide it from their search results. If personal details are hidden from Google, they will still be available via competing search services such as Bing, Qwant, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.

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Google will review all queries manually, and I wrote that it will not respond to all deletion requests. For example, whether what you want to delete has been published in the media or on government websites and records.

It hasn’t been that long since Google last expanded its deletion option. Then they added the option to hide photos of children under 18 from image search.

When Google first allowed people to apply to hide content from their search engine, this was for cases where Social Security numbers, identity documents, or banking information were published.

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