January 27, 2023


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Now you can complain

Thomas Iversen, Senior Legal Adviser at Consumer Council, explains that the new rules legislate basic consumer rights for a large number of digital services, and make consumer protection comprehensive in the digital domains.

The Digital Services Act gives you consumer rights when purchasing purely digital services. Usually this is a subscription to streaming services for movies, series and audiobooks. In addition, the law covers purchasing apps, software, and games, he writes consumer council on their websites.

The governing body adds that the law will also apply to free services where the company is given access to more personal data than is necessary to provide you with the service.

– This practically means that services such as Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook will be covered by the law. For the purchase of smart products or other goods that contain software, consumer purchase law will apply to the entire purchase process.

Iversen stresses that consumer purchasing law is also undergoing revision.

– The Legislative Council decided on purchases that contain a digital object and performance. In practical terms, this means that smartwatches, cell phones, cars and computers will not be covered by the Digital Performance Act, but by the Consumer Purchase Act, says Iversen.

The Digital Services Act also requires that the digital service you use be in compliance with the Agreement. So you may have the right to get your money back, if there is a deviation from the agreement or a lack of quality requirements.

Many other laws and regulations have been changed on January 1. Could you Read more about it here.