Now you need to get your vaccine – VG

Now you need to get your vaccine - VG
Mouthbinding may come back: here from King’s Cross in London during the previous Omigron wave this winter.

Health officials must decide when each person should be vaccinated.


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Tickets for the Roskild Festival are currently on sale at a discount. This may be a weak project. Others think so This is due to the increasing corona infection.

The Rolling Stones recently had to cancel their concert due to a virus. In the United States, Anthony Fauci, the general control of the epidemic, received it.

He is in good company. On social media, positive tests have returned.

And while many in Norway have corona exposure, According to FHI. The problem is, the virus does not stop changing. On the contrary, it is still changing.

Summer Festivals Again: The Pride Parade kicks off Sunday in Los Angeles. In many parts of the world, there is pride for the first time in three years.

It’s a little bingo, the whole thing. These mutations can go in all directions.

The virus can be mild and mild. Or more contagious and harder to deal with. Now we have a variant (BA5) that looks very contagious The ambush manager of the past Immune system.

One question is whether the variant is more pathogenic. Experts say that Recommends little so far. But it’s too early to say.

Animal testing is ongoing In the opposite direction And suggests that the virus may have settled deep into the lungs.

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Had to Cancel: Singer Mick Jagger (78) had a positive test for the corona so the Rolling Stones had to cancel a few hours before they could start their concert in Amsterdam recently.

However, it is now wise to get a fourth dose of the vaccine for people 80 years of age and older. The offer was launched by the FHI in April, but only for this group.

But they do not seriously recommend people to go inside and take it. That is why many still do not do so.

Many older people are able to stay away from the corona so they do not have a natural immune system. It has been a long time since they were vaccinated, which means they could get serious illnesses.

The Swedes were still ahead. In late April, they recommended Fourth dose for those over 65 years of age.

They have also determined that they are over 18 years old Need to get an autumn dose From September 1st. For many, it will be the fifth dose.

Victim: Anthony Fauci, 81, was given Paxlovit after he was diagnosed with the virus. He says he is in good physical condition.

In Norway, the FHI has not yet landed. It is understandable.

They want to hit the best. It is nonsense to vaccinate people in advance. If the big wave comes in December and the vaccine is set now, we may have less security when the wave hits.

But on the other hand: if the summer wave is bigger, people should get refreshing levels now.

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Read more on VG +: FHI on the corona wave this summer

In this situation, it is a question of whether municipalities have the capacity to vaccinate this summer. They have been under a lot of pressure in this area before.

Another question is whether existing vaccines protect against new strains. Is the third In case of previous Omigron infection.

It is also uncertain whether the new Omigran vaccine is more effective against newer strains. Modernity says it allBut has released little information.

Millions tested in Beijing: Residents of the Chinese capital are being tested following an explosion at a bar.

Hopefully even better outdoor weather and school summer vacations will drain the energy from the tide. In South Africa, they already seem to be done with this wave, which did not lead to big problems.

On the other hand, it is time for big festivals and massive trips. Infection has increased, especially in fully vaccinated Portugal.

But maybe Norway is better. Because we can have a stronger population immunity than Portugal.

In that case, it’s just luck. In the previous round, Portugal was hit by the Omigron variant, which came “straight from South Africa”. In Norway, we have a slightly newer variant that offers better protection against BA5.

On the other hand, it is in Canberra More schools Above digital teaching by a combination of corona and fever.

It’s winter there now, and then the virus spreads easily.

May walk in Norway until winter. But it all depends on what kind of mutations and vaccines will be offered in the future.

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Shanghai reopens: Chinese city relaxes rules after prolonged action against Govt. Disneyland opened this week.

Now it does not seem dangerous. And there is no need to take action this summer.

Rather. The FHI probably thinks we can manage with less action than we had throughout the epidemic.

But do you have a set of quick tests?

No need to throw them away. I know, we will meet again with the mask in the fall.

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