NRK series “Vettskremt”: – Answers to what “everyone” is wondering.

NRK series “Vettskremt”: – Answers to what “everyone” is wondering.

Last week saw the premiere of NRK’s ​​new series “Vettskremt”. Here ten participants move into the “ghost house” where they are equipped with heart rate monitors.

The competition is to see who can control their pulse while being frightened on all sides.

Removed from screen

Every night, the person with the highest heart rate should leave the house. After six nerve-racking nights, the contestant who can control their pulse best will be the winner.

However, many TV viewers may seem to have noticed one detail.

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this is the reason

It is mentioned at the beginning of the first episode that the competition lasted for six days, but on the other hand it can seem that the participants wear the same clothes in all episodes.

– In the series, we divided each episode into one night, but the recording takes place over a shorter period of time. “We spent two days recording, three episodes a night,” says Asmund Greenacre, a producer at Nordisk Banjay.

- Decreased activity

– Decreased activity

He adds:

Participants certainly change their clothes, but it is cold inside the house, so many used the same outer clothing to keep warm.

The competition took place at night, and it may seem like there are long nights of work for the participants.

– There were eight hours of rest between recordings. Participants slept these hours in preparation for another night. Greenecker says the “night” began at dusk around 4 p.m. and continued until 8 a.m. the next morning.

attention! Spoiler warning. Read at your own risk.

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– Real fear

Although it was important to the production that the participants feel afraid, fortunately no unexpected situations arose.

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– There were no dangerous situations, but the participants certainly felt a real sense of fear. There were several occasions where we had to barge in and make sure everyone was okay. Especially the participants who interacted the most, such as when Marna and Martha withdrew.

The girls share a statement

The girls share a statement

Grinaker says they are satisfied because they managed to completely scare everyone involved.

– Another thing that was important for us was to make sure that when the participants were inside the house, solving the tasks, there was no TV crew or cameraman that could see them. This is to make the experience as real as possible. Here I think we have succeeded, because no one pretends to be here. They were all really terrified.

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