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NRK på Marienlyst

The conciliation hearing began Thursday morning. The deadline closes at midnight on Friday.

The risk of a strike is real, insists Lise Olsen, head of negotiations and vice president of LO Stat. He has announced the first strike for 495 members of Creo and the Norwegian Civil Servants Union (NTL). Mediation has a total of 628 members in both societies.

Mediation applies to those working in television and radio production and in the administration of NRK. Cryo-organized members of the Broadcasting Orchestra are also included in the settlement, the association informs NTB.

Television and radio production

To the public, the strike could lead to reduced concessions, but Olson did not have an overview of the strike’s specific effects.

He asserts that NRK operates with different salary calculations for different groups of employees and has accumulated salary differences over time that it wants to equalize.

Want the same

– We want the same solution that other, comparable groups at NRK have received, Olsson tells NTB.

He and Fredrik Oftebro, vice president of the Norwegian Civil Servants Association (NTL), consider seeking arbitration.

– Some of our members are behind in wages due to NRK’s ​​wage policy. We cannot accept that. No matter which union they choose to join, everyone should be respected for the work they do, Oftebro says.

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