NRK Trams and Finmark – Vitro stops flights on short distance network

Et fly fra Widerøe avbildet mandag denne uken.

– This is our planned bus, which presents challenges, says County Council President Bjன்rn here in Droms and Finmark.

He insists that the short-distance network is used for ambulance transport.

– Mo says national authorities should follow the situation closely.

On Saturday, Widerøe will carry out a controlled shutdown of the short-distance network, which is the route for the smallest flight of the aircraft.

This, in turn, affects many communities in Finmark.

Criticism: Mayor Wenceslas Federsen of Watsov believes this will have major consequences for residents of northern Norway.

Photo: Citchell Wick / NRK

This is completely meaningless

We live in northern Norway and rely entirely on Vitero’s plane to take us somewhere. We have no alternative. This is not possible, says Wenceslas’s mayor, Wenze Pederson.

This is completely meaningless. I hope the government will immediately appoint a compulsory pay board. This cannot be the case in this country. There are many who plan for long days To go on vacation, I expect the government to intervene.

What are you doing with this case now?

I am now in touch with my party colleagues regarding this case.

The NRK is in contact with the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

They say that if it is established that the strike poses a risk to life and health, the Norwegian Health Board and the Ministry of Labor and Social Content will evaluate and decide on the Compulsory Wages Board.

– Cancellation is very boring for the victims, but strikes are a legal tool. The case has been brought to a standstill, with Transport Minister John-Ever Nygard (Labor) saying it is basically up to the working class to resolve it.

Transport and Communications Minister John Ivor Niegard (Labor) believes there are obvious advantages to choosing public transport over electric cars.

According to Transport and Communications Minister Jon-Ivar Nygård, in principle, the working class must find solutions.

Photo: Paul Hansen

There are no good alternatives

Alta Mayor Monica Nielsen (Labor) has been hit by the closure of a short-distance network.

Nielsen has been visited by a friend from the Northland over the weekend and now he does not know how to get back home.

– We are currently driving, looking for a rental car, looking at bus routes. But there aren’t many good alternatives out there, Nielsen tells the NRK.

– It has a huge impact on the business community and people in general.

Contact customers

Flights between major airports such as Bergen and Tromso will continue to operate, for example, flights between Oslo and smaller airports will be reduced from today.

– We do this to take care of our passengers and return flights to their technical bases. Catherine, the communications manager at Widerøe, tells NTB that we can start fast again after the strike is over.

Widerøe contacts all customers in question.

– We will contact you, do not contact us. We are looking for a solution, says the Communications Manager.

Telling Catherine

Telling Catharina, Communication Manager at Widerøe

Photo: Einar Asluxen / Einar Asluxen

Literally, there are many planes. She can’t say the number.

– We are doing this because some technicians are on duty to do the work and the lockout was announced until Sunday night.

The so-called regional routes, i.e. long routes and overseas routes run as usual.

– Until something completely unexpected happens, he says, these flights will go on as usual today.

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