NRK Troms and Finnmark – a record number of cruise ships on the Norwegian coast

rekordmange turister med cruise til Nordkapp

This summer, Nordkapp, the country’s northernmost municipality, has already set a record for the number of cruise ship arrivals.

135 ships are expected to arrive at the port of Nordkapp this year. So far many ships have not come to the municipality.

Throughout 2019, 102 cruise ships have called at the port in the Northern Cape, up from 84 so far this year.

– We see this as a good start for the future, which is knocking on the door, says Martin Hansen, Tourism Manager at Visit Nordkapp.

Martin Hansen, tourism manager at Visit Nordkapp, says that tourism is part of the psyche of the people in the municipality of Nordkapp.

Photo: Thomas Friedrich Christensen / NRK

The Norwegian Coastal Administration writes on its website 2022 is a record year for shipping in Norway. The number of visitors increased from 3.7 million in 2019 to 4 million this year.

In the northernmost municipality of the country, tourism is one of the most important industries.

The mayor was worried that tourists would disappear after the pandemic, but now he’s relieved that it’s back in full force.

– Cruise traffic is what keeps the cultural life, nightclubs and many shops alive, says Nordkapp’s acting mayor Tor Mikkola.

Tor H.  Mikola

Cruise tourism is back strong, and this is a relief to the acting mayor of the municipality of Nordkapp, Tor Mikkola.

Photo: Trond Odin Myhre Johansson / NRK

Not uncomplicated

However, shipping does not come without problems.

– In Norway there are many people who want to enjoy the nature we have, but it has an environmental impact, and drastic measures must be implemented to meet it, says Frederik Hage, founder of the Environmental Foundation.

By 2025, the Arctic fjords will have only zero-emission transport, Haj explains. This means that shore power has to be generated for ships visiting Norwegian ports.

– From now until 2025 there will be strict regulations in the shipping industry, which will lead to new and creative solutions.

Frederic Hauge, Bellona

Frederik Haag, chairman of Bellona, ​​says that Norway needs to look for new solutions to continue cruise tourism.

Photo: Bellona

Bellona has been working on finding new ways of propulsion in the marine sector with batteries, both ammonia and hydrogen. They are also looking at whether they can develop small boats that can take tourists to emission-free Arctic fjords.

– There are solutions, but these take time to scale up. When it comes to shore power, it requires a bigger public investment than what we see today. Not least in relation to the development now being documented.

A record number of cruises to the Northern Cape

On Wednesday, the 84th cruise ship of the year docked at the Northern Cape. Another 51 ships are expected to arrive this year.

Photo: Thomas Friedrich Christensen / NRK

Frederick Hodge believes that finding new solutions for shipping is better than reducing it.

It is important to remember that when people enjoy the wonderful nature, they may become more concerned about taking care of it.

Tourism is a part of people’s psyche

Tourism manager Hansen says the number of people in town almost doubles when a cruise ship comes in.

– Tourism is part of the psyche of our people, who we are. Hope is there, people are happy. That’s an incredible amount, says Hansen.

Record number of cruises to the North Cape

In the Northern Cape, shipping is important for nightlife, cultural life and shopping.

Photo: Thomas Friedrich Christensen / NRK

He says the Northern Cape has used the Corona years to prepare for this year’s rendezvous with cruise tourists.

– Once we have a record, it will be overridden. We take this as a challenge to make things even better.

Katharina Caney and Michaela Caney have traveled from Germany to the Northern Cape to see the natural gems the country has to offer.

Katharina and Michaela Caney

Katharina and Michaela Kenney have traveled far and wide to enjoy the Northern Cape.

Photo: Thomas Friedrich Christensen / NRK

– We think Norway is the most beautiful country. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to the North Cape is a must.

They have been on cruise ships many times and are very happy with this trip.

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