NRK Urix in Afghanistan – US thanks Norway for its efforts in foreign news and documentary

USAs visepresident Kamala Harris skrøt av Norges innsats i Afghanistan.

– I invite you and the Norwegian people to stand with us to the last in Afghanistan.

Kamala Harris said this when she called Prime Minister Erna Solberg on Friday afternoon.

From a dining table at the Prime Minister’s residence, Solberg spoke with the U.S. Vice President for about a quarter of an hour.

According to the Prime Minister, the tone was good.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg spoke with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Photo: SMK

Essential for America

– This is a pleasant conversation, where he called to thank the Norwegian Special Forces and the final phase of efforts to withdraw the hospital, Erna Solberg told NRK.

In particular, this work was done by a Norwegian-dressed field hospital The attack took place at Kabul airport last week Highlighted as important to the United States.

“Their role was invaluable until the last minute of the mission,” Harris said.

“They made an amazing effort with the care, help and treatment given by American soldiers and many others,” he said.

Field Hospital in Kabul

Field Hospital in Kabul.

Photo: Yama Volesmal / NRK

Norway for two decades

For 20 years, Norwegian forces and paramedics have contributed to the conflict in Afghanistan. Until the withdrawal of US troops at the end of August, the last Norwegian troops landed back on Norwegian soil on Monday this week.

But that does not mean that cooperation between the United States and Norway is over.

– The more interesting they ask, the more they consult. We have a slightly different administration now than we had before. They are eager to get in touch with their partners, Solberg said.

The flight from Tbilisi with the last Norwegian soldiers from Afghanistan arrived in Gardarmon on Monday night.

The flight from Tbilisi with the last Norwegian soldiers from Afghanistan arrived in Gardarmon on Monday night.

Photo: Bhima Oma Dale / NDP

Questions about help

The question is how to help the civilian population in Afghanistan in the future.

Norway has suspended bilateral aid to Afghanistan since the Taliban regained power, but continues to provide humanitarian assistance to the country.

– We stand with our contribution to helping Afghanistan, which is presented as a regime and an organization that respects basic human rights, the rights of women and children, Solberg said.

“But we can’t help it if we get a Taliban regime similar to what it was before 2001,” he said.

– Then what can Norway help?

– Then there is humanitarian assistance through international aid agencies. But we can’t do much. It is a challenge for us to provide assistance in support of an organization or indirectly legitimize it. Or we don’t believe help is available anywhere, Solberg said.

“Our long-term commitment is to ensure the rights of Afghanistan, respect for women, education, and the further development of manpower to nurture Afghanistan,” she said.

Secretary of State Ine Eriksen Seride and his U.S. colleague Anthony Blinken after a meeting Friday at the US State Department in Washington.

Foreign Ministers Ine Eriksen Seride and Anthony Blingen met in Washington on Friday.

Photo: Oliver Toulory / A.P.

Blinken praised the effort

On Friday night, Secretary of State Ine Eriksen met with her US counterpart Anthony Blingen at the State Department in Washington.

He praised the Norwegian initiative in Afghanistan.

– Cooperation with Norway is one of the most important things we have, Blingen said after the meeting.

Serid said there is now a greater focus on providing humanitarian assistance.

– To handle both internal displacement, food crisis, drought and govt. This has not been facilitated by what has happened in recent weeks, Søreide said.

“But we have a good discussion about what will happen after the immediate humanitarian end and how important it is for the international community as a whole to interact with the Taliban,” he said.

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