NRK's ​​Chitzel Volt in Air Drama

NRK's ​​Chitzel Volt in Air Drama

In short

  • Sitchel Vold has twice experienced flight from Førde Airport and Florø Airport to Oslo being turned back due to technical problems.
  • The flights are from Wideøe and DAT airlines.
  • Both the planes returned to the airports safely.

– It's good to be on the ground after our first emergency landing, writes foreign journalist Chitzel Volt for NRK. Facebook On Sunday, shortly after departure, two returns followed by the first.

Widerøe writes in a statement to Duckblade that there was no question of an emergency landing. Read their full response to the incident further down in the case.

– We were so relieved when we landed after a few nervous minutes in the air, Volt writes in a message to TalkBladet.

After taking part in a book night in Fjærland, the actor was due to take a wideplane from Forte to Oslo on Sunday together with Anders Eide.

Had to turn back after the turbulence

Had to turn back after the turbulence

– Burning smell

Dagbladet has been granted permission to reproduce Wold and Eide's descriptions on Facebook of what happened:

– The cabin started to smell like burning. I found the Swedish maid turned very pale about the beak, and was in a great hurry to pack her cart. Ede writes.

Had to turn around: The Widerøe flight had to turn around shortly after taking off from Forte Airport on Sunday.  Photo: Anderz Eide / Facebook

Had to turn around: The Widerøe flight had to turn around shortly after taking off from Forte Airport on Sunday. Photo: Anderz Eide / Facebook
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Also, the flight attendant should have tried to contact the pilot and co-pilot through the call system. She allegedly opened the door to the cockpit, where the two sat with their oxygen masks on, Ede further writes.

– The paging system is down, so the flight attendant goes around the queue and informs the passengers that we need to land urgently and be ready, he writes.

Thanks to the crew

Eide reported that the plane had traveled only about 50 kilometers before the incident and had to return to Førde.

– Thanks to the wonderful flight attendants and solid pilots who got us back on the ground, writes Eide, while thanks to Volt.

Volt also thanked the crew for their handling of the situation.

– We prepared emergency exits to evacuate, but it was not necessary. A round of applause for the handling of the staff as we landed. On the ground, the pilot told what happened, which he writes on Facebook that they practiced a lot in Widerøe.

NEW RETURN: This flight from Danish DAT also had to turn back shortly after take off.  Photo: Chitzel Woldt

NEW RETURN: This flight had to turn back shortly after take off from Danish DAT. Photo: Chitzel Woldt
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Problems again

When contacted by Dagbladet Wold on Sunday evening, he was sitting on a flight from Danish DAT at Florø Airport – three quarters of a mile from Førde Airport.

According to Wold, they had to return shortly after taking off with this plane.

– Technical problems again, he writes.

Dagbladet is in contact with Widerøe and Florø Airport to confirm the events.

There is chaos outside Birmingham Airport. Video: X / @Whites_Electric & @paultaylor1607.
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Journalist Sada Sreedharan says Widerøe's problems were caused by a technical error.

– There was a slight burnt smell on the board due to a technical error. This is a common consequence of such a technical error. Once the pilots identified the technical error, as per our procedures, the aircraft returned to the Forte normally and landed normally. He says it was not an emergency landing.

The pilots then contacted the air traffic service and reported the technical fault.

– We did not ask for increased readiness for landing, but the tower at Forte Airport has its own procedures for alerting with increased readiness for landing.

– Signs of a good safety culture

Sridharan says Widerøe has a better understanding of passengers who may have experienced the situation as extreme.

– But we want to assure you that this is a sign of a good safety culture and that the procedures of both the airline, the air traffic service and the emergency services are working as they should. The captain of the flight in question gave a short briefing where passengers were informed of the situation, he says.

In the event of such incidents, Widerøe usually rebook passengers to the nearest possible departures.

– In cases where these departures are full, we try to divert passengers to nearby airports to fly from there if possible. In this case, Florø is an alternative, where only DAT flies to Oslo, says Sreedharan, referring to DAT.

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Hope to fly on Monday

Dagbladet was in contact with the handling agent at Florø Airport, who is speaking about the incident on behalf of the airline. He did not want to be named.

– It is true that a flight from DAT returned to Florø shortly after departure. Technicians have been called.

He added that they hope to land the flight tomorrow and that the passengers have been provided with hotel accommodation.

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