Nuclear energy – part of the energy solution

Nuclear energy – part of the energy solution

Alf Fagerheim, leader of the Harstad Center party

We must make sure More stable energy in the future.

Nuclear energy, along with Hydropower must be an essential part of the future solution for more stable energy production.

We need more energy Now and in the future to transform society towards greener energy consumption. The Energy Commission estimates that within a few years we will have to produce up to 40 terawatt hours of additional energy, which is 25 percent more than current production. This corresponds to the energy consumption of 2.5 million households.

High energy prices Power shortages and undersized power lines mean that many investments are on hold or have been put on hold in the region.

And at the same time we see Electricity prices are several times more expensive than what we saw just a year or two ago. Households and businesses are experiencing expensive time and less affordability as a result of rising electricity bills.

We need an actionable plan To rapidly increase energy production in the future. At the same time, the capacity of power lines must be expanded, and we must reduce electricity exports to Europe in order to gain national control over electricity prices.

– Modernization of hydroelectric power plants Therefore, small nuclear power plants represent future solutions for safer and more stable energy production.

The power of water It plays a very important role in producing more electrical current. We are naturally blessed with significant water resources, which has enabled us to produce clean, natural energy for many decades.

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According to the Energy Commission. Hydropower will contribute 10 TWh more in 2030 than today, if you modernize and expand the existing hydropower system, as well as invest in new projects.

To take advantage of our Hydropower In a much more efficient way, one must invest, modernize and expand both small and large hydropower with more turbines and greater capacity in the power grid.

Must have remaining energy It comes from other energy sources. Therefore, it is time to invest in nuclear energy in Norway. It is time to open the construction of small-scale nuclear power plants in several places in the country where there is a power deficit.

Government and storting It is necessary to open up the regions to begin studies on establishing miniature reactors, as part of the energy solution in the future. We only have to look to Sweden and Finland, which have set themselves the goal of expanding nuclear energy significantly over the next fifteen years.

Nuclear Energy It has the opportunity to maintain a constant production of energy over a long period of time, while at the same time stabilizing the power grid. Nuclear power also requires a small amount of land – unlike wind farms, it can be located on existing industrial/commercial land. Nuclear energy also produces little waste, and what is produced today has safe and good solutions for dealing with it.

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