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Police were searching for the culprit after first bringing in the wrong person after an attack on Drammen.


According to police, a man under the age of 20 was picked up by police, who assaulted at least two people in a drone. The man also came patrolling with a stone in his hand.

– The Southeast Police District writes on Twitter that no one was physically injured.

In an update, police write that they did not know the person before. He jumped on one of the persons from behind, strangled him and then kissed the person on the cheek.

The man did not act and immediately surrendered to police.

However, 40 minutes later, the Southeastern Police District tweeted that the person brought in should not be the exact culprit.

– The person was on the scene with a stone, so there was every reason to believe that person was the right culprit, Operations Manager Trond Eagle tells Groth VG.

– Was he asked about the attacks at that place?

– He was asked, but there were language challenges on the spot, so he was brought up. There was a special system in that place.

Police have recently received a new report about an attack outside the Esso Hauges Gate. The perpetrator was about two meters tall, wearing gray tights, black shorts on top, a large, dark bubble jacket and a hat.

Groth told VG Wednesday night that police in Drammen were searching for the man with great evidence.

– We have a good explanation and think we know who we are looking for. We also protect tracking items. We like tips from the audience, Groth said.

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At 04.17am, police announced that they had arrested him at his home in Tramone without any drama of what they believed to be the real culprit.

– Similar to man – and other conditions known before. He is 30 years old.

– The main hypothesis is that he is behind all the attacks, and we would also like tips from the public if there were any revelations of something similar on Wednesday night, Groth says.

The man is being held by police and is being investigated.

The first person to be picked up is a graduate of the police force.

One of the three victims has been admitted to the emergency department with minor injuries. The other two survived with minor injuries.

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