Nurse Lucy Letby killed seven children in Chester, England: – She took everything from us

Nurse Lucy Letby killed seven children in Chester, England: – She took everything from us
Nurse: Lucy Letby worked on the maternity ward at the Countess of Chester’s Hospital in England.

Her twin sons were in an incubator after they were born prematurely. There they were taken care of by Lucy Litby (33).


– You took everything from us, absolutely everything.

That’s what the mother of two of Whitby’s victims says BBC. The nurse was found guilty Friday of murdering one of her newborn twin sons — and attempted murder of the other.

The mother, who explains herself during the experiment, says that the twins came into the world after several failed attempts in the test tube.

She wishes to remain anonymous to protect her surviving son, who is now seven years old.

background: British nurse found guilty of killing seven children

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Born prematurely in the summer of 2015, the twins were placed side by side in their incubators at the hospital. The mother, who was in C-section recovery, regularly visited the babies in the room where they lay.

She told the BBC that one day she heard a loud cry, almost like a howl.

I haven’t heard anything like this since then. I wondered what was wrong with him, she says, and says her son had blood around his mouth when she entered to try to calm him down.

– I bathed him

The nurse who looked after the children that day was Lucy Letby – a nurse whom the parents felt they knew well and trusted.

According to her mother, she told her not to worry and said she could return safely to her hospital bed.

Later the boy got worse and worse. The parents were contacted and said they watched through a glass window as a group of doctors tried to help him.

Finally the priest was called.

He baptized the little boy who died in his parents’ arms.

Lucy Letby was present the whole time, says the mother.

She bathed him and dressed him in a little woolen dress before returning him to us. Then we held him a little longer.

Newborn: Police released this photo from the maternity ward at Chester Hospital.

– What happened?

Because the baby was born prematurely, the BBC wrote, the death was not initially suspected. It turned out in court that he had died due to internal bleeding and the injection of air into his bloodstream.

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His twin brother, now seven years old, became very ill just 24 hours after his brother’s death. According to the court, he was poisoned with insulin, and he still has to deal with the effects.

The mother says that she and the twins’ father were shocked when they heard who was behind this.

I never thought in the world that there could be a person with whom we feel so connected. Everything went her way and then she started killing babies. What happened?

Hospital: The Countess of Chester Hospital is located in Chester, South Liverpool, England.

Police began investigating the numerous deaths in the neonatal unit at the Countess of Chester’s Hospital in May 2017, writes Sky News. Chester is located south of Liverpool in England.

The case makes Letby the worst serial killer of children in modern British history, he writes Watchman. She herself has always denied the criminal charge.

– I’ve always done my best to take care of them. “I am here to help and provide care, not harm,” she said during the trial, according to the newspaper.

I called many parents

Despite the fact that Letby was convicted of seven murders and six attempted murders, the police continue to work on the case.

They will now review the papers of more than 4,000 children at Chester Hospital to see if there are any more cases. They will also look at a women’s hospital in Liverpool where Letby has been posted for two shifts since she began working as a nurse in 2012.

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“She repeatedly harmed infants in an environment that was supposed to be safe for them,” prosecutor Pascale Goines said at a post-trial news conference Friday, adding that Letby showed grieving families “false sympathy” after the death.

During the trial, Litby was acquitted of two counts of attempted murder, and the jury was also unable to agree on six other counts, the NTB wrote.

says Chief Police Investigator Paul Hughes Sky News They will do everything they can to uncover more possible cases.

– There are cases when parents told us, he says.


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