June 10, 2023


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OBOS league, FK Jerv | – One might think that it is contagious

LEVERMYR (Nettavisen) Bjørn Thomas Kjølsrud Imagine spring with sweeping attacking football and great as spectators in Levermyr. The club doctor barely sustained a plaster cast.

before one attacking player after another collapsed.

Instead of fighting for the highest positive goal stat, it’s the battle for Kjølsrud’s time and place in the infirmary that now applies to a number of Jerv players.

With the common denominator that in match form they are goal threatening.

– The way the situation turned completely berserk. You might think it’s contagious to be a Jerv attacking player during the day,” says grinning club doctor Bjorn Thomas Kjölsrud to Nettavisen before the home game against Mjøndalen.

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See the highlights below:

The turning point crisis

He can’t go into detail about the extent and length of the players’ stay, but he does talk about a slightly unrealistic tenure as the Opus Club’s chief of medicine.

When Peter Wilson disappeared with a serious knee injury for the rest of the season in the costly 3-2 win over Skid, one might think that the injury situation could not have gotten any worse offensively for Jerv.

And so the 26-year-old joined fellow applicants Erlend Hostadt and Jeremy Santje in the infirmary.

In front of Moss, attacking midfielder Leandro Fernandez has disappeared with a severe thigh injury, which will likely keep the Dutchman out of the football field for a few months.

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What about Samuel Pedro then?

The Portuguese who at times looked like the discovery of the year in the Opus League with his four goals.

The 22-year-old was also not in the squad against Mjøndalen. The attacker, as Netafizen understands, was not seriously injured.

The squad against Mjøndalen was about to be stripped of pure forwards. The bright spot was the last 25 minutes for Jeremy Santje, who got his first 30 minutes of the season away at Moss in the previous round.

The season warm-up started well with goals and assists, but then I got injured. Since then, I’ve worked my way back in, getting closer to something, says Jeremy Sintje.

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We must believe in Santa Claus

Coach Arne Sandstow temporarily put midfielder Mikael Oakland up front, managing to bring in great talent Sondre Oakland on loan from the Vikings. The 19-year-old is an attacking midfielder who comes under the National Loan scheme. It’s one of the few opportunities to recruit new players when the transfer window closes.

Basically, we don’t want to talk about everyone who isn’t here. However, anyone who understands anything about football understands that these are huge losses for us. We have to use the people we have who have come back from injury and who may not be 100 percent. That’s where we are right now, and we just have to live with that, says Jerf coach Arne Sandstow.

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Take our Test Obos:

This was not the reason his team lost 2-3 to Mjöndalen, coach Jervis believes in his eighth season.

– It affects our daily workouts, as we don’t get to the level we want. In any case, we must manage to play 90 minutes like the first half hour after the break against Mjøndalen. We instead have to resort to not making enough or scoring enough, but a very poor three-goal performance.

Before the season, Jerv’s boss can tell Nettavisen what Jerv’s best team has ever been during his time at the club. Since then, many have broken. Sandstow also didn’t see any improvement overnight.

– Jeremy still has a long way to go, because he hasn’t played football in the last four to six weeks. He was probably our best player in February/March. Now we have to give him time, and in the meantime he becomes a touchline tool with his speed at the end of matches. Erlend Hostad has not trained for ten weeks. Arne Sandstow concludes that those who believe he can contribute to the weekend should also believe in Santa Claus.

Tight match schedule

At Grimstad, there is faith that Samuel Pedro can come up against Kongsvinger on Sunday, but no chance was taken with the goalscorer. Youngster Eskil Topland Disond (16) is otherwise the only net attack option, who remains unharmed.

May started poorly with a 2–3 home defeat against Mjøndalen, and was one of the season’s favorites having appeared lopsided with six points out of the fifteen awarded. As table leader Ranheim has only collected four points, it is unexpectedly not as even and close as the cold on the table in the sixth round of the series.

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Jerv had four league matches plus NM Round 1 against Mandalskamateratene in the next four weeks.

The knee responds well, so I hope to be in the starting eleven soon. It is up to the coach and physiotherapist to decide, but I am very satisfied with the confidence they have shown me. It’s not fun with all the injuries our offensive players have had. And Jeremy Sintji concludes, “I want to contribute whatever I can.”