Observers in the landslide area before the fire – VG

Observers in the landslide area before the fire - VG

Police are asking for help after a fire broke out in a four-person home in a landslide area in Gjertram on Saturday night.


Police in the east wrote on Twitter just before 9am on Sunday that they had received information that people were being monitored in the area. The house with four people burned down In the landslide area in Gjerdrum.

The police want to get in touch with these and keep an eye on witnesses about cars and people in the area at the time.

– We are spreading the word and investigating the incident. Operations manager Sweeney Wale says I have no theory about what caused the fire.

He did not know when the police got this witness confession. The fire area has not yet been technically inspected.

Severe fire: A four-person house in a landslide area in Gijertram caught fire Saturday night.

– Great awful

Gjerdrum Mayor Anders Østensen told VG at 9 a.m. Sunday that he had not gone to the scene of the blaze.

– This is very dramatic, it happens in an area where nearby residents are severely affected. That kind of drama in that area is now very unpleasant, stensen says.

Fortunately, we have an upcoming psychology team, which was assembled in a short period of time. We already had the Cultural House open on some Sundays and quickly rallied on Saturdays. The mayor says he has received information that people have come.

He says he brings good with him in the midst of tragedy that does no harm to people.

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I have great sympathy and compassion for those who live next door and those who are still working to restore security and return to normal daily life.

Mayor stensen says most homes in the evicted zone will be demolished and insurance paid to the owners.

Again dramatic: – Mayor Anders Astensen told VG over the phone that the fire is dramatic for the residents of Gjerdrum. Here he is at his office in Gjerdrum Town Hall this summer.

Uninhabited by people

The house, which houses four people standing on the edge of an avalanche, has not been inhabited since a quick clay avalanche struck on December 30 last year.

The fire was reported to police by the 110 Exchange at 22.40pm on Saturday night.

At 0.30 the shutdown work was in a state of shutdown. Just before 05.00am on Sunday, two fire trucks were engaged in extinguishing the fire.

A house of four people should be considered completely damaged.

The first two apartments were destroyed by fire. On Sunday night 110 Switchford East duty officer Atlee Roning said the units below, but they were not habitable.

You are dead

The cause of the fire is not yet known by the fire department.

– There is no electricity, so the fire is very strange. Johnny Honingswag tells Vijay that it has been closed to take items out due to security work.

He owned a house next door and when he saw the news of the fire, he went upstairs from Lorenzko to see where the fire was.

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Ten people died On the night of December 30 last year there was a rapid clay landslide in Askil in Gjertram.

Fourteen residential buildings, including 31 apartments, were trapped in the landslide.

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