Occasionally waiting for a small storm on the beach: – Postpone the boat trip

Occasionally waiting for a small storm on the beach: – Postpone the boat trip

Now you need to protect the loose stuff, because tomorrow will be a gray and windy day.

The meteorologist says you should avoid unnecessary traffic at the places you expose tomorrow.
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The calendar shows October, with the autumn of Sunday coming fully to the Westland. Strong winds are expected, and the Norwegian Meteorological Center has issued a yellow warning.

This prediction is valid until 1pm on Sunday.

– There will be calm wind conditions in the Bergen area now, but an increase in wind is expected on Sunday morning as the weather moves ahead over the Westland. In the Bergen area, a small hurricane is expected, possibly up to strong winds, but it is somewhat uncertain, says Susanna Reuter, a meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Center.

Besides wind, there will be rain and sleet for most of the day, and it is unsafe for thunder.

– Tomorrow will be a very gray day, says the meteorologist.

Strong winds are expected in the mountainous areas. Occasional small storms, lots of wind are expected along the coast. Waves of 4-5 meters high are expected.

– Postpone the boat trip tomorrow. Loose objects should be protected and unnecessary traffic in open areas should be avoided. One should also check the driving conditions and be aware that boating may be delayed due to wind. If you are going out look for directions, she advises.


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