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Oda Gondrosen på scenen under Melodi Grand Prix 2022.

– It’s so much fun. “That means everything to me,” Gundersen said after she got her final ticket.

how do you know that?

– It hasn’t fully crossed my mind yet. I look at the golden passport, and it goes right up on the shelf when I get home.

Oda Gunderson has dreamed of this all her life and is now one step closer to Eurovision. A glass of champagne will be celebrated with a sambor,

But it wasn’t just easy. She points out that there is great resistance, because she did not reach the top in Idol or The Voice.

Sometimes one feels heavy, but one must not give up. The feeling of winning now is great.

The artist believes that listening to the song on Spotify is different from watching it live with a stage show.

It has already received good feedback in Europe.

– I hope people here at home will see how you can beat me abroad and send me to Turin.

– Many thanks to everyone who voted. There is no way without people liking what one does.

In the third semi-final, she fought against VILDE, Sturla and Mari Bølla for the last place in the Melodi Grand Prix.

The first duel

The first to come out in the fire was Marie Paula (17) of Stavanger with the song “Your Loss”.

Marie Paula “Your Loss”

Some may know that Bølla is an idol. Because in 2020 she ran away with the winner and became the youngest winner of the nokosinne song contest. She is also the youngest participant in the MGP this year.

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I want to show Norway, but also the rest of Europe and the world what I have to do. Reaching the final is a dream. I love MGP myself and have been looking at it since I was little.

Marie Paula on stage under the Melodi Grand Prix 2022. l

Singing and music mean everything to me. I knew I would be at this stage one day.

The bully was wearing white fringes and the stage show was stunning in true MGP spirit.

The song is about strength and determination in difficult times. Inspiration from my first break. But it’s a real party song.

Oda Gondrosen “Hammer Of Thor”

Former owner Idol and The Voice contestant Oda Gondrosen returned to the stage with the song “Hammer Of Thor”. And the hairstyle matches the song in true Vikings style. This isn’t the first time she’s competed against Marie, as they both fought to get to the podium on Idol in 2020.

– To be a part of MGP is absolutely incredible and a big dream come true.

Oda Gondrosen on stage during the Melodi Grand Prix 2022.

He tells me that the song is about girl power and seizing power.

– They say that when Tor throws the hammer, it hits exactly what it’s aiming for. So now I take the hammer, throw and aim for the MGP final. Then we’ll see if it works.

The audience sent Oda Gondrosen to the Golden Duel.

The second duel

27-year-old Storla Vagerlei Larsen was out first in the second duel.

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Storla “Shards in the Heart”

He sings in a familiar style in the dialect “Cut in the Heart”.

He calls himself the real Trøndelag man and is believed to be Trøndelag’s answer to Chris Martin from Coldplay.

– It’s hard to meet Vilde in a duel. But it’s just a matter of playing one’s magic and talent and betting on it with success. The nerves are always there, but I think it must be delicious.

Sturla Fagerli Larsen on stage during the Melodi Grand Prix 2022.

He wrote the song with his girlfriend and a week after their engagement.

wild “titans”

Vilde Johannessen (26 years old) attended the famous music school LIPA in England. I signed up for MGP without coming up with four bolts, but it worked this year.

– I’m very committed and burn 100 percent for this. I work hard to get to where I want to be.

Wild Johannessen on stage during the 2022 Melodi Grand Prix.

The beautiful thing about music is that you can convey things you wouldn’t dare say. It can relax, inspire and bring joy.

She shined when she sang her song “Titans”, but trembled when it was over.

Despite the nerves, Field continued to duel for gold.

– very fun! I wish there was a Grand Prix every day, all year round.

NorthKid: “Someone”

Bilal Saab, who won Stgernikam in 2019, brought his comrades from the north with him. NorthKid is perhaps the northernmost boy band in the world.

They gave iron even though they were pre-qualified for the MGP final and didn’t have to worry about getting enough votes to advance.

Saab has participated in the MGP with Helge Moen, Håkon Guttormsen, Sebastian Willassen and Vegard Olaussen.

The song talks about love, sadness and grief.

– It meant allowing Norway to be represented at Eurovision a lot. It’s the Olympics for musicians, said Saab.

gold duel

At the end of the broadcast, Vilde Johannessen was with the song “Titans” and Oda Gondrosen with “Hammer Of Thor” who fought for audience votes and a place in the MGP Final.

Oda Gondrosen on stage during the Melodi Grand Prix 2022.

Oda Gondrosen is part of the Golden Duel and is therefore akin to a dream of representing Norway in Turin.

Photo: Vetle Nielsen/NRK

Gondrosen usually sings comics and pop, but now she’s ready to try something new. Then there were the drums and Norse mythology.

– I immediately liked this song and thought it was Oda. There is another aspect that I have not had the opportunity to show.

Wild Johannessen on stage during the Melodi Grand Prix, 2022.

Will Feldi defeat Oda in the golden duel?

Photo: Vetle Nielsen/NRK

Music helps Vilde to forget the worries and stress in life.

On stage, I go a little to my own bubbles.

After duels and a golden duel, judgment came from the people. Oda Gondrosen won the third semi-final of the MGP and thus defeated VILDE, Sturla and Mari Bølla.

Send Koronaprega

Broadcasting Corona Brega today. Mikel Neva and Annika Momrac rented the show without Kåre Magnus Bergh, who has tested positive for coronavirus.

“We will of course continue with the isolation volume for our program leader this Saturday as well,” he said Annika Momrac before the competition starts.

– Last week it was you who woke up a little bit. This week it was Kåre Magnus who involuntarily spent an evening in the sofa corner. Neva said, but we continued to cook.

Instead The mysterious duo Subwoolfer who also had coronary heart disease, so the prequalified Northkid was on stage.

Fortunately, the rest of the artists were healthy.

Whoever represents Norway during Eurovision in Turin, Italy, we’ll have an answer on February 19.

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