Odd-Magnus Williamson reveals he uses Botox

Odd-Magnus Williamson reveals he uses Botox

Ten years after “Tina & Bettina – The Movie,” the stage is finally set for a sequel. Comedian Henrik Thaudisen (42) and Odd Magnus Williamson (42) Finstas is possessed again, and is seen from February 24 on “Tina & Bettina – The Comeback”.

Tina and Bettina are now in their twenties. Therefore, both girls should be as young and wrinkle-free as possible.

To make this happen, the 42-year-olds behind the characters had to take some action.

Reveal the truth – no

– 40 injections for women’s health

Thodesen and Williamson shot the movie for over a year. So it’s been over a year of tights, dresses, lots of makeup, and hot wigs.

But it wasn’t just the clothes and makeup that helped.

Williamson can tell Dagbladet he’s taken so much Botox that “it may have gotten into his lymph.”

Botox: Photo of Odd-Magnus after he had Botox on his face.  Photo: private.

Botox: Photo of Odd-Magnus after he had Botox on his face. Photo: private.
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The fashion ladies became completely silent when they saw the comedian dressed up and completely made up. The 42-year-old says he looked older, and that he had to do something about it:

– We first tried using the strip, but then someone joked I had to take Botox, and soon it leaves the system again, so I went straight to the clinic and had a round of “deep cleansing” and it felt like a nasal aspirator.

Williamson injected Botox from under his eyes all the way up to his forehead, and ended up with three rounds of 12-15 injections per round because it took so long to shoot.

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“I ended up with a good 40 shots of Women’s Health, and I literally bled to the prosthesis,” he says, laughing.

– I think it was a little embarrassing

What’s more, Williamson says he finally felt “completely flat” on the inside because the Botox paralyzes many of his reflex muscles.

– It was so awful, I had nothing to respond to and became completely flat on the inside, but it actually fits the character really well, he says.

- It's been hard

– It’s been hard

Has Henrik done any cosmetic procedures?

– No, he realized it and took a wig with bangs. It was a smarter solution. In addition, Henrik’s face is much prettier than mine.

When asked if there would be a third film, Williamson replied that they would like to make a new film every ten years.

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– In ten years, Tina and Bettina will be in their difficult thirties, and then my goal is for Henrik to also pass under the needle, he says and laughs.

Williamson is still glad there’s still some time because his face needs a rest, plus he’s tired of the promotion.

– I think it was a little embarrassing to have Botox, and it was quite clear that it was not for personal use when I was there. I’m very done with it. I love wrinkled noses, both on women and men.

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