June 8, 2023


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OFV, Registry | Car sales are amazing: – We’ve never seen that before

Usually about a thousand of two or three of the most popular car models are registered within a month. But that is not the case these days. Car delivery is slow.

The number of new vehicle registrations in April ended at 8,976, which is 7.7 percent lower than in April last year. And 10,390 less than in March!

One car provides sales

And if not for one model, it would have been Industry’s Ragnarok.

“This car model, the Tesla Model Y, gained 30 percent market share after the first quarter, and after the first four months of the year ended with more than a quarter of the entire market we’ve never seen before,” says Director Oyvind Solberg-Thorsen of the Traffic Information Board (OFV). ).

Tesla usually offers more cars in the last month of a quarter, but in April it still ends up with the highest-scoring model on the market. On the other hand, Volkswagen has many models based on it and has become the largest car brand.

It delivers the electric cars you’ve been asking for for ages

Reports from earlier this year were that car shops were nearly empty in January and February, and according to OFV, many of the cars that are now being registered have been on demand for a long time.

– Many have been waiting for a long time, and they are still waiting for the cars they ordered several months ago. The majority of these cars will be electric, and as the rate of new car deliveries increases, we’ll likely slowly approach the 90 percent electric vehicle share over the course of the year, Solberg-Thorsen says.

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The economy starts at full steam

OFV believes there are several reasons why car sales are now slowing. They highlight fiscal tightening and more uncertainty, as well as new taxes on cars:

People’s private finances are under greater pressure, and this has become quite evident. In the past, many used, for example, line loans to finance car purchases, but they are probably longer now. Solberg-Thorsen says some have also canceled or canceled their new car purchase.

Many seem to be choosing to make more pragmatic choices than they did a short time ago. High interest rates, sharp price increases, high cost of electricity and other factors contributed to this.

At the time of writing, there are relatively few electric cars at a really low price point, but according to OFV, there are now more models that will run in the lower budget classes.

– Many automakers have given priority to large, relatively expensive and roomy SUVs. Also in the transition to electric cars, because they have better profit margins than small and compact cars. He says these are the cars that many Norwegian car buyers have taken advantage of, but he thinks the situation will change.

– In a few years there will be a much larger selection of smaller and smaller cars. There will be cars with the latest technology and a good selection. At the same time, these cars will be more attractive and affordable for many at a time of severe stress on the private economy, Solberg-Thorsen says. He also notes that sales of large, expensive luxury cars are declining significantly, and that this is a sign of change.

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