Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United | The expert united by Solskjaer’s clear message:

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United |  The expert united by Solskjaer's clear message:

The United connoisseur does not believe Solskjaer will be able to lead the club to the top. However, it is clear that the Christian wonder has done a tremendous job on its head.

She broke into around Ole Gunnar Solskjær recently. After the loss to Liverpool on Sunday, the club’s management were in crisis meetings over the Norwegian’s future the next day.

But on Tuesday morning it was reported that he could potentially lead the team against Tottenham this weekend. According to good information Fabrizio Romano The brother on the board wants to give him another chance. It is also said that Sir Alex Ferguson had a say in the conversations.

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Needs a little transformation

The editor-in-chief of the Norwegian Manchester United fan club, Dag Langerud, is not surprised that the club is still behind Solskjaer. He finds several reasons for this.

– The reason I was not surprised is that three months have passed since he obtained a new contract. It’s been three months since the US administration, now debating whether he should be fired, sat down and was sure that this was the man we had to get on with. Langerud told Nettavisen he’s also had several good buys this summer, and it’s only been two and a half weeks since he awarded us a new contract to his assistant.


– If you look at these things that have happened in the past three months, she has invested in it. 0-5 against Liverpool was one of the worst experiences any United fan has had, and what happened in the last month is not good enough. What has happened in general this season here is not good enough. But it would be strange if you had such great faith to give someone new contracts, and then sacrifice it all here because things are going badly for a month, says Langerud.

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However, the United.no editor is clear that a lot will have to happen in a short time, if Solskjær is to sit quite safely in the executive chair.

It takes a bit of a transformation process to impress both the management, the group of players and the supporters. The question is whether this just delays what needs to happen, says Langerudd.

Does Solskjær have what it takes to turn the ship around and lead the team to the top?

I hope so, but don’t believe it. It’s very difficult to sit here and say I believe in something when it looked like it was happening against Liverpool. And when you feel the pressure outside, when you read about the dissatisfaction in the group of players, it would be a crazy feat if he could come up with something now, which means the team is delivering some of what is steadily expected.

– Just back to Mourinho’s last match

When Solskjaer took over as interim manager in December 2018, it was a shattered team the Norwegian was tasked with. It is clear that the team available now is at a much better level than it was three years ago.

Just going back to Mourinho’s last game, before he took charge. Manchester United lost 3-1 away to Liverpool and 99 per cent of all United fans surrendered before kick-off. A month before that match, we lost to City, as I didn’t believe we would win. That was the situation he came into, says Langerud.

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Since then, he has become much more optimistic on behalf of United given that they can beat anyone.

Even before Sunday’s game, when we lost 5-0, I had hope that we would succeed. Last season, we did not lose against Chelsea and City, the Champions League runners-up in the league. It’s a completely different team and the one we talked about last year, and now it’s even better, says Langerudd.

Therefore, Langerød believes the potential new manager has much better conditions than Solskjær had in 2018, if United ditch the Christian marvel.

I myself argued very hard earlier in the season that if you had given the United team here to Klopp or Guardiola for example, you would expect a title match.

– This means that the new manager is going to join a team that has many qualities and therefore builds it up here and very quickly to turn things around, although there are clearly some challenges in this team here. But the new manager will do better soon enough. Then we will see in the long run, if there will be a new manager, if he manages to take over Klopp and Pep. Because that’s what’s needed, says Langerud.

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