Omar Bhatti talks about a friend who is 10 years younger than her

Omar Bhatti talks about a friend who is 10 years younger than her

Omar Bhatti (37) Known to the Norwegian people as an outstanding dancer and entertainer – but perhaps best known for his much-discussed relationship with the Jackson family in the USA.

Bhatti was a good friend of the late Michael Jackson and he is He is still close with his children Paris (24), Prince (25) and Plunkett (20)..

This week, the stage was set for the highly anticipated premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water. Bhatti appeared on the red carpet With his girlfriend, Alisa (27), and there he started a conversation with Good evening, Norway..

Michael Jackson: On June 25, 2019, it has been 10 years since the death of Michael Jackson. This was an emergency call.
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– Very pleasant

Behati is mostly a very private person, and isn’t the first to lift the veil over her dating life. Ahead of Good Evening Norway, he can still say that he and his girlfriend, Alisa, are doing really well together.

– We’ve been together for almost three years, but we have the feeling of “falling in love for the first time”, so I would say that’s fine, he says “Good evening Norway”.

It’s been almost three years since the couple was last seen together in public. According to Bhatti, the reason is that her boyfriend is a bit shy, and daily life in recent years has been marked by an epidemic.

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– Means a lot

Maintaining a sense of newfound love isn’t easy — relationships take work, which Behati also confirms.

He believes it requires balance, working with oneself, growing with each other, and showing understanding.

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Behati can tell Se og Hør that his girlfriend has meant a lot to him in recent years, especially in light of the pandemic.

She has meant a lot to me in recent years and she is the person I spend the most time with. He says we have a very strong and rare “relationship”.

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