Omigron in Norway and Sweden

Omigron in Norway and Sweden

The Swedes view the epidemic situation in Norway and Denmark with horror.

– I would certainly not be surprised if the number of confirmed patients increases significantly in the coming week, says Dove Fall, professor of epidemiology. SVT’s “News”.

“300,000 cases every day”

Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet Norway has the largest epidemic in Europe and writes that “up to 300,000 cases are expected every day” – with a note FHIs risking As of yesterday, 300,000 is the “worst case scenario” if measures fail to slow growth.

Aftonbladet also points out that within a few days the corona dominated by Omigron in Denmark and the United Kingdom is expected to become a variant.

FHI’s material director Frode Foreland has been a regular contributor to the Swedish media during the epidemics. He is preparing the Swedes for a situation similar to the one in Norway.

– We expect Omigron to take charge soon in Norway and Denmark. He tells “Aktuellt” that 40 percent of cases in London are Omigron.

– Infection is very important

Professor Fall explains that Omigron has “really changed the rules of the game” in infections due to over-infection.

– I’m not surprised they reached this very high number, among other things she says and aims. For the NIPH report.

Help: The Armed Forces and Dispensaries will now assist in the distribution and vaccination of vaccine quantities sent to municipalities. Video: Government / Magnus Boss / Duplicated TV. Reporter: Jesper Nordahl Finsveen / Dagbladet
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The fall underscores the fact that the virus does not treat the country differently, and that Sweden, like its neighbors and the United Kingdom, can expect a similar fate.

Health officials in many countries generally believe that the Omigron delta variant causes less serious disease. According to the Swedish professor, it will become a decisive factor in how serious the epidemic will be.

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– If the virus provides half the amount of combinations compared to the previous variant, with a doubling time of two to three days, it only leads to a three-day delay in loading. So there is little to say in this. What to think Rapid growth, She says it can go very, very fast.

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