Omikron: – – I’ve never seen anything like it

Omikron: - - I've never seen anything like it

Staff at US hospitals are working hard as the country reaches a new peak in infections. The sharp increase in infections, driven by the rapidly spreading omicron variant, is straining health workers. Experts fear the worst.

Emergency rooms are full. Scientists warn of a national storm.

– It’s very different from what we’ve seen before, and the peaks of previous injuries were not like this, says Dr. James Phillips CNN.

Three times in the hospital

On Wednesday, the United States recorded a new infection record with more than 488,000 new cases, according to the New York Times. However, there may be high dark numbers. More and more people are choosing to use home tests, which can sometimes give the wrong answer. There are also many people who can become infected without noticing symptoms.

In Louisiana, the number of hospitalizations has tripled in the past two weeks.

What we’re seeing now, says Phillips, is complete overcrowding in emergency departments.

Says chief medical officer Catherine O’Neill, MD, at Baton Rouge Medical Center Watchman That many patients you meet are not immunized. According to O’Neill, these people often have more severe pneumonia and need oxygen.

– O’Neal says we’re seeing an increase in admissions which is very exciting.

Longfeed: Hilda Demerwin, 45, and her son, Edwin, 6, were diagnosed with coronavirus at the end of March this year. Both are still teachers. Reporter: Sondre Andreas Wedøe Nodland / Dagbladet. Video: Christine Sforte.
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US health experts are urging residents to prepare for a difficult winter, as a new wave of infections threatens hospitals, schools and other sectors affecting their daily lives.

We will see the infection increase so dramatically that it will be difficult to live normally, infection expert Michael Osterholm tells the Guardian.

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– Next month will be a national storm. He adds that the whole community will be affected by this.

Corona deaths in the country have risen in recent weeks from an average of 1,200 a day to about 1,500.

The World Health Organization reported that infections increased by 11 percent worldwide last week from the previous week. 20. -26. In December, nearly 4.99 million people were recorded infected.


The new wave of infections has also led to record numbers of hospitalized children. Experts think it’s ridiculous not to vaccinate most children and young adults.

– It’s just so heartbreaking. It was hard enough last year, but now we know there really is a way to prevent all of this, says Paul Offit, an infectious disease expert at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Offit says none of the children in his hospital have been vaccinated, even though two-thirds of them have underlying illnesses that put them at risk.

– They struggle to breathe. They are coughing and coughing. A handful of children were sent to the intensive care unit. Offit says they are connected to a fan and the parents are crying.

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