On Sunday, 60,000 spectators will attend the biggest stadium concert of all time in Norway. Lanes warn of traffic chaos.

On Sunday, 60,000 spectators will attend the biggest stadium concert of all time in Norway.  Lanes warn of traffic chaos.

60,000 people are expected in Oslo and will come to a concert with German Rammstein in Norway’s biggest arena on Sunday. Rutter cautions that public transportation in the area is ill-equipped for such a large crowd.

Rammstein from their concert in Turin, Italy on July 12 this year. Now the German band is ready for Oslo and Norway.

– The situation is good. The wind is shaking! Keir Smadal notes that people are looking forward to it.

Security guard Bjerg has been on the track since 07:00 on Saturday morning. By Sunday afternoon, around 60,000 people are expected to take to the route.

German band Rammstein, known for their spectacular stage shows and pyrotechnics, will take the stage at 8 p.m.

Keir Smadal informed many concert goers. According to him, many people in the neighborhood have come forward with positive comments.

The concert in Oslo, which was originally supposed to take place in Trondheim but was postponed due to the corona, will be Norway’s biggest stadium concert with ticket sales.

A total of 108 trailers transported the equipment to the Bjerg trotting track. The rigging of the massive grid began on July 15 and would not be completely removed until two weeks later.
Despite the fact that the ticket price was NOK 1,700, the concert was long sold out.

– Lower your shoulders

Smadal feels that many people prefer to do prep work. He guides fans from home and abroad.

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– What is the most important thing people need to know?

– People should not get stressed. Take it easy and lower your shoulders. Although a bit noisy and crowded. It is a festival. Join the party!

If all the ticket holders come, the population living in Bjergke district will almost double.

Although the organizer of All Things Live has set up shuttle buses to and from central Oslo, Rutter believes that transporting so many people will be a big challenge.

The joint offer is strengthened

– We believe that the area lacks infrastructure and is designed for multiple audiences, says Øystein Dahl Johansen, communications consultant at Rutter.
– What do you mean there is no infrastructure in the area?

– The bus can only drive near Bjerg. Basically, it takes many buses to transport 60,000 people. An express bus takes approx. 100 passengers. A quick mental calculation shows that 600 bus departures are needed to transport everyone, says Dal Johansson.
Rutter says public transportation options have been strengthened in connection with the Rammstein concert.
– We have strengthened line 5, then we run 4 a bit differently, where Volbeck and Linderud are the closest metro stations to Bjerg. Then we rerouted part of the normal public transport that runs in the area on a slightly different route. But there are no alternatives to travel to the concert. Therefore concert goers are invited to use the shuttle buses arranged by the organisers. Or use the subway at nearby stations, says Dal Johansson.

Take the tram to Chinsengrisset.

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Some sections of National Highway 4 will be closed due to this event. The National Road Administration has advised motorists to stay away.

The main road is blocked

Ruter also told people to be patient. Follow the directions of security guards and other government officials. Who is there to make the concert a safe and good experience for everyone.

– Are you afraid of messy situations if people don’t follow advice?

– What we said is that the area is not suitable for such a large crowd. Simply because of the infrastructure, he says.
During national football matches held at the Ullewal Stadium, less than 30,000 spectators visit the stadium.
– But the tunnel is in the immediate vicinity, says Øystein Dahl Johansen at the router.

Highway 4 through Bjerg will be partially closed. According to the Norwegian Road Administration, the northbound lane has been closed since 9pm on Sunday.

“Drive only if absolutely necessary,” advises one Traffic notification.

I think they have a strong transportation plan

Security manager for the concert, Jørgen Aass of S Plan AS, believes they have it under control.
– Yes, we work on a plan put together with the router, police, unibus and others in the local area. Since the public transportation in the vicinity of the event is not designed for such a large crowd, Aus says to compensate by setting up several buses that quickly transport people from the center to the concert and back to the center.
He believes there is a strong plan for the grand concert.

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– When it comes to 60,000 people, people need to spend a little more time. It’s not like being in a cinema or a small concert. Here we are talking about such a large crowd, you have to be a little more patient, he says.
The alternatives they have for the public are shuttle buses. These will run continuously before and after the concert. The public can walk to nearby subway stations or use regular bus transportation.

– We also depend on someone picking up their feet and leaving the venue after the concert is over. Or wait until there is some quiet in the arena. My message is that we have a good plan that we believe in. We have created it along with other actors involved. And that’s enough for us to believe. If we realize things are running too late, of course we have contingency plans, says Jørgen Aus.
Many posters and banners have been put up to attract the neighbors. The German heavy metal band isn’t exactly known for turning down the volume. On June 26, Rammstein performed a concert in Coventry, England. The sound of the concert is 18 km. According to the British newspaper Coventry Telegraph.

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