June 6, 2023


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Britain Weather Heatwave

– On the way to Norway – NRK Uriks – Foreign news and documentaries

A heatwave has hit large parts of Europe this week, with temperatures in many places exceeding 40 degrees.

The heatwave looks set to reach its peak in southern Europe tomorrow, before moving north towards the UK later this week.

A weather system could bring snow along the Norwegian coast by the end of the week.

– Now it looks like we’re getting the remnants of this heat wave as it moves northeast, says Martin Granerod, meteorologist on duty at the Met Office.

No extreme heat is expected in Norway, but the weather forecaster says temperatures could reach 30 degrees in southern Norway on Tuesday.

Photo: Screenshot / Bureau of Meteorology

Britain braces for record heat

In England and Wales, people have flocked to beaches in recent days.

At some places, the temperature touched 35 degrees, not far from the 2019 record of 38.7 degrees.

England is hot
Photo: Screenshot / Met Office

Warmer days still await. The Met Office in England says there is a 20 per cent chance that Monday will see the hottest temperature on record for the country.

The company has already sent out a red hazard warning for heat, a warning that has only been effective twice before. BBC.

It has been observed that the birds have fainted in the air due to heatstroke.

Britain's weather

England experienced hot days. The heat wave is expected to be very high over the weekend.

Photo: Ben Birchall / AP

The coming heat is feared to hit critical infrastructure and cost lives.

In London, Mayor Sadiq Khan has implemented an extreme weather protocol to protect the most vulnerable residents. The protocol is usually only used during extreme cold.

– This heat wave is dangerous for everyone, but people living in extreme conditions are at greater risk, Khan says. Sky News.

Britain's weather

The Mayor of London has implemented an Extreme Weather Protocol. Generally the protocol is effective during extreme cold.

Photo: Alberto Bessali / AP

Spain: Longest heat wave ever recorded

Further south in Europe, temperatures have exceeded 40 degrees in the shade in many countries in recent days. It is the second heatwave in the continent in less than a month.

In Spain, almost the entire country is affected by the heat, which is particularly unusual.

Spanish heat wave

A dog tries to quench its thirst in Andalusia. Spanish meteorologists say it’s the longest heat wave they’ve ever measured.

Photo: Paul White / AP

Spanish meteorologists have issued extreme heat warnings for 16 of the country’s 17 regions. Only the Canary Islands are out of danger.

– In Spain, red danger warnings have been sent out and temperatures are expected to reach 44 degrees in some places, according to meteorologist Granerod.

NTB writes that such a long heat wave has not been observed since Spanish meteorologists began keeping such statistics in 1975.

Spanish heat wave

Firefighters are trying to put out a forest fire outside Madrid. Spain is experiencing its second heat wave in less than a month.

Photo: Bernard Armangu/AP

Hundreds of wildfires

Heat is expected to peak in France and Spain on Thursday.

Fireworks are banned on National Day in France to reduce forest fires.

With heat, drought and strong winds, hundreds of forest fires have been recorded across Portugal, Spain and France. In France, more than 6,500 people have been evacuated from the municipality of Landira, south of Bordeaux.

France wildfires

More than 800 firefighters are battling wildfires in the Gironde region of southwestern France.

Photo: A.P

In Portugal, more than 600 people have been evacuated and 120 are receiving medical treatment, the AP news agency writes. 2,300 firefighters are working to douse the fire.

In Portugal, 80 percent of land is at high risk, according to the country’s Meteorological Service.

Firefighters attend to a wildfire in Urem

Firefighters tackle a forest fire in Santarem, north of Lisbon. In Portugal, 80 percent of the land is at risk of forest fires.

Photo: RODRIGO ANTUNES / Reuters

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